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Mets voice for trust in Callaway Absolutely the right move

When I arrived at CitiField today, I was asked by various media members if I still believed Mets was a playoff team in 2019, and my answer was that I would never go back on a prediction because It is so gutless. I would be the first to admit that things haven't been right for this team, but putting this season in the trash is not the way to go.

Like most of you know, I've been trying to develop a better relationship with Mickey Callaway this season and to his credit he has been very open to it. So after his press I gave him some advice. And that's advice I've heard over the last couple of weeks. Those of you who know me well, I understand that I pair my Mets reporting with Ad Sales Consulting, and my position was eliminated by the RNN a few weeks ago. I have searched for some replacement work and have actually received some hopeful interviews.

What I learn from this process (yes, a 58-year-old man can still learn things) is that I should only deal with the things I can control and not the things I cannot control. There are 2 reasons for this: First of all, I can't do anything about the things I can't control, and secondly, if I do, I don't spend enough time on the things I can control. The best example I can give to explain this is that you cannot control your dissatisfaction with your height, but you can control the dissatisfaction with your weight.

And I emphasized this concept to Mickey because I really like him as a person and if I had a son, I want him to steer him because I know he would help him become a better plays, but also a better teammates. And to be honest in my short time knowing Mickey, I've learned a whole lot about him about honesty in communication.

He is the absolute right man for this job and out of crisis comes opportunity. Of course, this team should play better, but that time comes. I think this roster has the components to do it and start height will be better as the season continues with the defense on the pitch, which is the biggest problem I see right now.

https://metsmerizedonline.com/wp content / uploads / 2019/05/520-Callaway-get-organizatonal support-a-alt-times-16-sec.mp3 [19659007] https: // metsmerizedonline .com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/05/520-Van-Wagenen-Callaway-has-full-support-oc-forseeable-future-11-sec.mp3

The cling we hear in this city about The canoe situation is really not productive to be implemented in a public setting. Mickey has addressed it with Cano, but understands this. Baseball is a cruel 162 game season and I can safely tell you to maintain energy is a great deal of insurance players will be healthy when games matter most. That said, there are certain times when you have to throw and run hard and not do it twice in 3 years, is not a very good optic.

But make your scream public, so the media can see your anger is a total waste of time. It must be one for a conversation – not a public display. Mickey knows it. I know. Why the rest of the media doesn't understand it is a mystery to me.

https://metsmerizedonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/520-Callaway-how-he-addressed-Cano-situation- oc-dit-clubhouse-23-sec.mp3 [19659011] https : //metsmerizedonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/520-Callaway-why-no-cano-in-lineup-tonight-oc- we-expect-18-sec.mp3

I have tons of respect for Robinson Cano as a player and person. He understands what he did, was unacceptable, but he does not have to ask for forgiveness on his hands and knees. Life is never about mistakes – it is about reacting to these mistakes and knowing Cano that he will respond positively to this. As far as Callaway is concerned, Brodie and Wilpons have done the right thing today – a show about relay support for everything that is not lost.

I know that backup of the Met organization is not a popular way for a media member to behave because in this city you are kicking a dog when he is down. But all those who know me understand that I will never be a Met-beat reporter who follows the crew. I have my own views and I have no trouble having these views because it is who I am.

This was Brodie's first real hard moment and he dealt with grace, class and honesty. And every big season for a team has moments like this where your elasticity is tested. These are moments you look back on to investigate how a group of players react to it.

https://metsmerizedonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/520-Callaway-Mets-will-come-out -of-this-hole-oc-tro-at-19-sec.mp3 [19659016] https://metsmerizedonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/520-Van-Wagenen-message-to-players -oc-to-bottom-25-sec.mp3

I told you about spring training, even though it was a special group, and I still believe it. Supporting a team when the rest of the media wants their head on a plate will not make me very popular on the press, but who cares? That's what I'm doing here, like it or don't like it – it's your choice. But this club reminds me so much about the team in 2015 in how it gives honest reviews and has a group of players who absolutely love the leader.

I know that the so-called experts wanted a management change, but not me. They need to adapt some things and play better by looking in the mirror and making sure that focus and commitment are there. But to hijack the leadership would have been the wrong way to go. And I appeal to Brodie Van Wagenen for not taking the easy way out here to appease these experts.

Things will get better Met fans and keep the same cast in charge was the right way to start the turnover of this 2019 season. [19659002]

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