Monitor caught meteor in Tallahassee.
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Jania Kadar and her friend clean up the backyard after a collection of friends in eastern Tallahassee as the night sky lit up.

"It was as if someone lit the stadium light," the tallahassee resident said. "I look up and there is this blue-green flash. It almost looks like daylight."

"It took time to feel like seconds," she said at midnight. "The other, my brain wanted me to say" what is it? "It was over …"

While tracing rain over Mississippi and Alabama, a trace of a meteor strip over the sky was taken by the National Weather Service's GOES satellite. (Photo: NWS Tallahassee)

What Kadar saw was actually a meteor or meteorite that streaked across the sky and was visible across a wide step in South Georgia and North Florida. The fireball was captured by night owls, dashcams, and surveillance videos across the region.

National Weather Service Tallahassee retrieved the lump of space beam bills across the sky on its GOES satellite system.

"It basically has a global lightning folder and gets bright clouds flashing from lightning when we have thunderstorms," ​​says Kelly Godsey, a meteorologist for the NWS.

They also track social media reports from Valdosta, Ga., Tallahassee, Wakulla County, Gainesville and Jacksonville. 19659005] For the Tallahassee area, it would have been like a short 5 seconds of illumination between 7am and 7pm. 11:52 and 11:54, Godsey said. It may even have crashed to the ground.

"We've heard reports that the country landed close to Perry, FL, which would correspond to GLM data, but can't confirm anything," NWS said. "The satellite data suggests that * if * it landed, however, it was in FL."

That the NWS confirmation was an ah-ha moment for Kadar Sunday morning. After blinking, she and her friend immediately began to wonder, and even others guess what they saw.

"We had a few beers, so it was …" she said. "At that time we played around with some beautiful extraterrestrial theories. Of course, our men were ignorant. They were crooked things in and out of the house."

UFO's over Tallahassee?

At the moment, they even surprised those who have looked up at the stars for years. Andy Flower, who has studied the sky for six years as a member of the Tallahassee Astronomical Society, packs with a colleague after one night at the organization's observatory near the Cypress Landing boat ramp at Lake Miccosukee.

About 15 people had come out earlier to observe the new moon.

"Everyone had already left, and suddenly the whole sky was illuminated," he said.

Flower has seen dozens of meteors in his life, even two small ones earlier that evening. But nothing like this.

"The whole area turned to daylight," he said. "We were like" what …? Is there a helicopter over us, a spotlight? ""

"We looked up and saw a dash in the sky directly overhead that ended in a fireball about halfway to the horizon towards the parking lot."

It will be an evening to remember and talk about Flower, Kadar and others in Big Bend.

"It was incredible," Kadar said. "It was like an energy ball flying over the sky."

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