Melinda Gates said she will address the American death rates in his and her Bill's yearbook.

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Melinda and Bill Gates, who have long since been benefits for children and mothers worldwide, are bothered by the fact that America has the worst moral death rate in a developed country.

Melinda Gates told Business Insider the couple's upcoming annual letter will solve the problem. The letter is expected to be published sometime in the coming month.

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"These statistics are incredibly disruptive, so we definitely look at it. Bill and I actually write a little about it in our annual letter this year. Many of these births have to do with premature birth, which happens more with African American women "We need to unpack why this happens. Are there barriers in their communities? Is it something genetic? Is it both? Is it stress? We need to focus on that in the US. So yes, we look at it."

Every year more than 50,000 mothers are seriously injured and about 700 die, a study by the United States TODAY found. Better medical care could have prevented or reduced half of all deaths or injuries, the report found.

The study also showed that the number of maternal deaths per year is about 10%. 100,000 births rose in America between 1990 and 2015, but fell flat or declined in most developed countries.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation committed $ 220 million to the Global Finance Facility, which aims to improve women's and children's health in more than 50 counties.

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