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Meet the dogs of the 2020 presidential race – Quartz

The Democratic field for the 2020 presidential election is already crowded, with about a dozen declared and likely candidates, and several more waiting in the wings.

Most are running on similar platforms, promising a reversal or Donald Trump's climate change –Dying policies, better wages for middle class, expanded healthcare benefits, and electoral reform that would be hit by the influence of dark money. But some also have a four-legged secret weapon, though.

Trump is the first US president in more than 100 years not to be in the White House, and Democratic candidates who have one are flaunting their dog ownership , a crowd-pleasing way to put more distance between themselves and the president.

Tapping into America's deep and growing love of dogs is a politically savvy move. About 68% of all homes have a pet, the American Pet Products Association reported last year, up from 56% three decades ago, and 62% of all homes have a dog. Dog culture is everywhere, from Twitter account Breitbark News (Home of the #AltBite) that is dog-based parodies of political events to television Philadelphia's National Dog Show, which drew some 20 million viewers in November. 19659002] No wonder they're becoming running mates. Here's the pups to watch:

Elizabeth Warren and Bailey

The Massachusetts Senator's golden retriever hit the campaign trail with her last month, when Warren introduced the "two guys" her life, Bailey and her husband Bruce:

Warren named Bailey after the main character George Bailey in the movie It's a Wonderful Life, she said when she got the new puppy as a surprise gift from her husband last summer. "We named him after George Bailey, the community banker in It's a Wonderful Life – a guy who was decent, determined & best known in people," Warren wrote . "I always thought the role of GB was written for a Golden Retriever, but Jimmy Stewart did a nice job with it."

Pete Buttigieg and Buddy

The South Bend, Indiana mayor introduced Americans to "Buddy," his new shelter died on Dec. 19, 2018, on Twitter:

Buttigieg and his husband Chasten Glezman already have another rescue dog, Truman, who is dubbed the "First Dog of South Bend." Truman stars in a Facebook video about the city's dog parks, and Buttigieg's emphasis on investment in parks:

Kirsten Gillibrand and Maple

The New York senator announced her family had the new Labradoodle puppy in July or 2017 on Twitter.

While Maple is mentioned in Gillibrand's Twitter bio, she hasn't been featured on the campaign trail. Yet

Joe Biden and Major

The former vice president has officially entered the race, but he is definitely the dog of it (and the name recognition – Biden was voters' favorite candidate in recent polls). Biden adopted Major, a German Shepherd, from the Delaware Humane Association in November after fostering the puppy for months. Major was part of a litter that was exposed to toxic chemicals before they were brought to the shelter, but is a fine health now Delaware Online reports. Biden wanted a new puppy to be a companion to his elderly dog, Champ, another German Shepherd.

The human association distributed the "official adoption photo" of Biden and an incredulous-looking Major in November:

Delaware Humane Association

Beto O'Rourke and Artemis

The former Texas Congressman also has not entered the race, but his black dog was featured during his 2018 battle with incumbent Senator Ted Cruz:

O'Rourke mentioned Artemis several times in his letter to supporters after he lost to Cruz; earlier he shared a Facebook broadcast of his and his family picking up runaway dogs from the side of the road in Texas. O'Rourke also has a second black dog named Rosie (and a cat named Silver), who he cheered on social media on National Pet Day:

Facebook / Beto O ' Rourke

Rosie, left, and Artemis, right. (O'Rourke's son, Henry, center)

O'Rourke spent at least as much as 2018 campaign cuddling dogs as he did babies.

John Hinkenlooper and Skye

The former Colorado governor's rescue however, an "Akita-bulldog-chow chow mix," was a regular presence in his office.

Hinkenlooper has launched a political action committee, and hired a pollster, but has not yet announced he is running.

Sherrod Brown and Franklin

The Ohio Senator made Franklin, a rescue dog, a key part of his successful 2018 campaign, named him Manager of Morale, and his ads on mugs.

When Brown won, Franklin accompanied him on stage for his victory speech. Brown won't declare whether he is running or not until March, but is already on a tour of primary states.

Cory Booker's dog promise

New Jersey senator Cory does not have a dog, he said in response to a question from an 11-year-old boy on a campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But he plans to get one to live with him in the White House if he is elected, he added to the cheers from the crowd.

As mayor of Newark, Booker famously rescued a freezing dog left outdoors in the winter.

Kamala Harris, the California senator, is an enthusiastic tweeter of doggy things, and the supporter of animal protection bills. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders did not have a last presidential race, and does not seem to have gotten one since. Neither Amy Klobuchar, the Minnesota Senator, nor Julian Castro, the former Housing Secretary, nor the Tulsi Gabbard, the Hawaii Congresswoman, have mentioned owning dogs during the early days of the race. Howard Schultz mentions his family's love of dogs in his bio, but not during his exploratory presidential pray, while Mike Bloomberg doesn't really care for them at all.

Candidates who are trotting out their dogs are following in a long tradition. Herbert Hoover was the first presidential candidate to use for political purposes, to combat stiff, severe public image, writes Jennifer Boswell Pickens, a historian and author of Pets at the White House. He released a photo of him holding his German Shepard "King Tut" vote for the 1928 election, which he later won.

Library of Congress

Hoover and King Tut.

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