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Mandalorian episode 4 adds to the Baby Yoda cloning theory

Mandalorianen season 2 episode 4 brings the series back to Nevarro, the planet where Mando first got the mission that led him to The Child. So it should come as no surprise that our trip there has revealed more about Empire’s plans for Baby Yoda than anything so far this season.

Even better than just the empire’s plans, this episode could also have provided a nice bridge between the empire and the first order of any order and its leader.

[[[[Warning: This post contains spoilers for Mandalorianen season 2 episode 4, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker]

If you remember all the way back to season 1

of Mandalorianen, you will probably remember that Nevarro was the home base of everyone’s least favorite scientist, Doctor Pershing, who stabbed and pricked Baby Yoda on behalf of The Client and the Empire. Pershing returned this week just in time to give us some extremely useful information about the kinds of experiments he did with Baby Yoda.

Doctor Pershing from The Mandalorian

Image: Lucasfilm

As it turns out, he extracted blood from The Child and has transfused it to test subjects – at least one of whom is willing to participate in the process. Unfortunately for the subjects, these experiments have not gone well and only the last volunteer is left. The problem is that they have run out of blood, and according to Pershing, it will be difficult to find replacement blood with such a high “M number”.

Yes it’s true. Midi claws have done that Mandalorianen. It seems that Pershing is as attentive as we are to Baby Yoda’s impressive Force powers, which is why he has used The Child’s blood for his experiments. All of this certainly sounds like the Empire’s plan involves giving non-force-sensitive beings power to liberate them by rebellion.

In fact, this plan is likely to extend to clones as well. Back in the first season, when we got a clear overview of the patch on his shirt, we learned that Pershing has some connection with Kamino, the cloning planet where the Republic Army was created in The attack of the clones. Supporting this in section 4 are the various tanks that we see in the background while Pershing explains his plan. These thoughts certainly resemble cloning thoughts, although it is not explicitly clear in the episode.

A baby Snoke?  Maybe.  It floats in a tank of green liquid, probably Bacta.

Image: Lucasfilm

Inside the mind there are several bodies, including one that looks suspiciously like Snoke, which we learned was a clone in the beginning of Rise of Skywalker. But since the film did not provide any real explanation behind the cloning – or Palpatine’s cloned resurrection for that matter – it seems Mandalorianen could step in to give us some answers. If Pershing is actually trying to empower those who do not already have it, it could all be in preparation for the final creation of the resurrection of Snoke and Palpatine.

For now, however, it seems that the empire and its envoy, Moff Gideon, have more immediate plans for these experiments. At the end of episode 4, we see Gideon inspecting a room filled with strange new infantry units. They are certainly not your standard problem with white armored grunts. Instead, these troopers are huge and wearing black armor – just like the Imperial death troops that Gideon uses in season 1. They are also associated with what looks like an external respirator, and generally seem quite reminiscent of Darth Vader himself. It is also possible that these are simply armor that Gideon plans to give to anyone who does so through Pershing’s tests in one piece or maybe even droids.

While they do not give us a complete explanation in the episode, it certainly looks like Moff Gideon may be building himself a power-sensitive stormtrooper squadron. These new opponents combined with Ahsoka Tano are likely to show up in the next episode, it means Mandalorianen may include much more of the strength in the near future.

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