A man was shot after he had attacked a Corona police officer holding his child, according to the Corona Police Department.

A man killed by an off-duty policeman in Los Angeles in a Southern California Costco, was a non-verbal "mild giant" with an intellectual disability, says a relative.

The Corona police said the officer held his child while he bought Friday when he was attacked "without provocation" by Kenneth French, 32. The officer whose name was not released opened fire, killed French and wounded French parents, Russell and Paola.

The Customs Officer's gun was the only firearm involved in the incident, police said.

Rick Shureih told The Press-Enterprise in Riverside that Kenneth French, his cousin "should be monitored fairly" and was always with his parents. Shureih said his cousin has been fighting for mental problems for years, but had never been violent.

Shureih expressed indignation in a post on Facebook that contained a picture of Kenneth French and his parents.

"I don't keep calm This! People need to know!" Shureih wrote. "This is my family! These are the victims of Costco who shoot the second night."

Police officers leave Costco after a wholesaler in Corona, California, Friday.

Shureih complained that the public narrative has described his family members as suspects and officers as the victim. He said he was "sure this (shooting) was a misunderstanding" unnecessarily escalating.

"Do they seem to scare you? Should he really shoot them all?" Shureih wrote. "This is a family that was unarmed and was merely a merchant. The truth will come out!"

"This is another mass shooter?" Panic at Costco as off-duty police kills man

Corona is a city of about 160,000 people, 50 miles east of Los Angeles in Riverside County. The Corona police said they were working with the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, which would be "facts and circumstances" by the shooting. LAPD said it launched its own investigation.

Witnesses describe chaos in the store as several shots disappeared as they sent consumers in the direction of the exits, fearing a mass shooting. The Corona police said the purses, backpacks and shopping bags provided by store members fly the scene could be claimed with proper identification.

Marlon Calimlim told Press-Enterprise he has been next door to the French family for four or five years. He described the couple so well and said he couldn't remember Kenneth French ever being aggressive.

"It's not the monster they portrayed him as," Shureih said. "I am not the anti-police. We are a propoliti family."


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