There was a point a year or more ago where Google Photos had a little indicator on top of each media item that showed whether or not it was backed up. Thanks to it, you could always tell that a photo or video had been uploaded and which were still pending. That indicator disappeared completely, but the photos team finally realized the extent of its mistake by removing it, so it's bringing the functionality back.

An upcoming gallery view in Photos should you see which media items have not been backed up , and manually choose the ones you want to upload. That's all we really wanted, isn't it? It is a necessary feature for users who do not have automatic backup and can never tell what is uploaded and what is not, or who can get stuck with a mysterious "30 items upload" for days on end with no clue as to


We have launched a new gallery to help you see which of your photos and videos have not been backed up and proactively choose items to backup. Additionally we have several improvements to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices.

The option isn't live yet ̵

1; at least we were able to trigger it in any way on our devices – but the Photos team did update the Play Store changelog to mention it. This is not the first time the Photos team has put up a changelog before a feature's rollout though; it recently happened with the suggested document that doesn't seem to be live yet, and many times before that. One could suspect the team may be trying to steal the thunder from our teardowns by announcing things before releasing them – ha!

If you spot this new gallery view, please let us know. We will keep our eyes open and update this post with an APK if a new version of Photos is needed to trigger the feature.