LG officially unveiled its new ‘Wing’ smartphone in a livestream earlier today after weeks of leaked videos and several teasers. The recorded event was over an hour long, so it is not so surprising that a teaser for a new slide-out device in the end went unnoticed by most.

The end of livestream shows an animation of what looks like a phone that slides outward. There are very few details visible, so it̵

7;s not clear if the section that slips out is a keyboard (perhaps for people mourning the death of TCL’s BlackBerry – branded phone), a covered screen, or something completely different. I guess an Xperia Play-style gamepad is off the table as there is very little distance between the sliding component and the outer shell.

The teaser is reminiscent of the LG G5, which had a detachable chin for accessing the battery compartment and attaching ‘Friends’ modules. LG said during the unveiling of the Wing that it developed several other phones under the ‘Explorer Project’ banner, so maybe the slide-out device will be the next market.