One of the strangely persistent trends of the last few years is “gaming phones”, designs that have been fine-tuned (sometimes dramatically) for mobile gaming performance. Lenovo made one with its Legion game brand last year, and according to a leak sent to Antutus Weibo account, it is back with a different design. This one is weird, even for a gaming phone.

The first Legion phone was not exactly subtle with splashy styling on the back, a centrally mounted camera module (so your hands do not cover it when playing) and a pop-up selfie camera mounted on the side. The leaked images of the second generation appear to be even more bombastic: the entire center module is raised with separate panels on both sides, giving it a grip reminiscent of a Game Boy Advance. Unless my eyes deceive me, the center panel also has a small, built-in cooling fan, something that other gaming phones reserve as accessories.

The distinctive pop-up selfie camera is not visible from behind, but there is definitely something there on the side of the phone, as seen in the image above. It seems to be a cosmetic change as there is certainly no hole for a forward facing camera anywhere on the screen itself. The stereo speakers appear to be intact, and it appears that the “ultrasound shutter buttons” are still in place, as is the side-mounted USB-C port. Again, for games.

The original Legion phone used a top-of-the-line processor, massive dual-chamber batteries that recharge at 90 watts and a 144Hz display with a 240Hz touch sampling rate. Assuming these leaks are genuine and the phone hits the market, you can at least expect so much with maybe a few more new tricks.