Earlier this month, Lamar Odom lamented his regret over his cheating ways during the Khloe Kardashian marriage. He said he was less a man since then and deserved his fate. Since the issue of this statement, several other details of their sharpening arrangement have emerged.

According to an excerpt probably found in his forthcoming memoir Darkness to Light, Khloe Kardashian once found him and his side chick buck necked in their home. By his own recording, the Kardashian monarch continued to bend arches on the woman's head as if there was no morning.

David Becker / Getty Images

Based on these traumatic events, Lamar Odom is reluctant to reach his ex-wife even though Hollywood Life reports that he "seriously misses" her and would love to find one friendly dialogue if he gave an opportunity. The unknown informant claims that "rejection" is what keeps Odom from seeking another chance in friendship.

"Lamar has told them close to him that he really misses Khloe," the unknown source told Hollywood Life. "He always thinks of her and it was so hard for him. Lamar is now considering more than ever getting to her, but of course he is afraid that he will be rejected by her. He always thinks of her and will always love her. "

Besides launching his memoir in the coming days, Lamar Odom makes his debut in Ice Cubes BIG3 circuit. Nordameras leading 3-on-3 basketball league starts again this weekend in Michigan. Good luck to Mr. Odom, on all fronts.