Joe Biden tore in President Donald Trump for his reported remarks referring to fallen soldiers as “suckers”

; during a Tuesday campaign visit to the main battlefield state of Florida. (September 15)

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President Donald Trump is demanding his Democratic challenger Joe Biden in Minnesota and Wisconsin, two states that are recently home to major protests against racial injustice, according to a Washington Post / ABC News poll published Wednesday.

The poll found that Biden rose 6 percentage points, 50% -46%, among likely voters in Wisconsin. The state had not supported a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan before Trump won it by nearly 23,000 votes in 2016. In Minnesota, which has not broken for the GOP candidate since 1972, the vote found Biden up as much as 16% with likely voters, 57% -41%.

Both states have been at the center of protests against police brutality and racial discrimination this year.

The first wave of protests began in Minnesota in late May when George Floyd, an unarmed black man, died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 9 minutes. Minneapolis and dozens of cities across the country experienced days of demonstrations and protests, some peaceful and others devastating. A Minneapolis police station was burned down, and several businesses were looted and burned.

As protests continued in some cities over the summer, another unarmed black man, Jacob Blake, was shot in the back several times by a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in August, leaving Blake paralyzed. In the ensuing protests, two men were shot and killed. A third were shot and wounded. The suspect, Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was reportedly in the area trying to protect private property from damage during the protests

Trump responded to both incidents with calls for violent demonstrations at the protesters, while accusing Biden of tolerating violence. Biden, who condemned violent protesters as early as May 30, accused Trump of trying to divide Americans and smoke the flames.

The president’s demands for restoration of law and order may resonate more with registered Wisconsin voters, who, according to the vote, were divided 48% -48% over which candidate they trusted more to deal with crime and security. Registered Minnesota voters trusted Biden more on the subject by a 24-point margin, 59% -35%.

Voters in both states said they trusted Biden more to counter violence in political protests, although the margin was much narrower in Wisconsin (49% -45%) than in Minnesota (54% -40%).


The ABC / Post poll contrasts with a Minnesota Morning Consult poll released Sunday that showed Biden a 4-point lead in the state. All in all, polls have been positive for Biden where polling station FiveThirtyEight shows him with an average lead of 8.9 points.

Both Trump and Biden are scheduled to visit Minnesota on Friday when early voting begins there.

The Democrats’ longest winning streak is in Minnesota, the only state to support the Democrat in Reagan’s victory in 1984, but Trump came within approx. 1.5 percentage points to win it in 2016.

Trump and his supporters have expressed optimism that he could turn it around this year. While most polls have not found Trump to perform as poorly in Minnesota as the new ABC / Post poll, the results did not do much to support the Trump campaign’s hopes.

Nearly 60% of Minnesota voters said they did not approve of the job Trump has done in office, while 40% said they approved of it.

In most national polls, one area Trump works well with is the economy. But Minnesota voters narrowly rejected (49% -47%) his job of governing it and relied more on Biden on the subject, 50% -45%. They also said they trusted Biden more in dealing with coronavirus (58% -36%), racial similarity (59% -35%) and health care (56% -39%).

Minnesota voters said Biden was more honest and trustworthy than Trump, 56% -34%. When asked who they thought better understood their problems, 55% said Biden and 37% said Trump. And 51% thought Biden was the strongest leader compared to 44% who said Trump was.

A bright spot for Trump in Minnesota was voter enthusiasm. While 67% said they were “very” excited about voting for Trump, 44% said the same for Biden.

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The numbers were better for Trump in Wisconsin. His job approval rating was 6 points higher (46%) and his disapproval rating was 7 points lower (52%). And unlike in Minnesota, more voters (53%) than not (46%) approved of his handling of the economy.

Wisconsin voters said they had more confidence in Trump on the economy, 50% -45%, but they trusted Biden more on coronavirus (49% -42%), racial equality (51% -41%) and health care (50 % -43)%).

On coronavirus, 44% of Wisconsin voters said they approved of Trump’s handling of the outbreak, and 54% rejected.

When asked who they considered more honest and trustworthy, 49% said Biden and 38% said Trump. And when asked who they thought better understood their problems, 49% said Biden and 44% said Trump. But more Wisconsin voters (49%) thought Trump was a stronger leader than Biden (46%).

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