It was a great weekend for Fleetwood Mac fans.

On Friday, the front woman Stevie Nicks stole the show when she became the first female artist to be introduced twice in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And on Sunday, "American Idol" hoped Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon left a similar indelible impression with his painful coverage of the band's 1975 classic "Landslide".

The stripped-down ballad – a wistful reflection on changing and getting older – came from a special personal place to Harmon, 26. Catonsville, Maryland, native revealed by his "Idol" audition that he had only recently arrived out as gay to his mother and father, who is a priest. Until the song competition, he worked as a caretaker in his family's church, but has since interrupted and moved out of his parents' house.

"My parents have still not been able to accept me as gay," Harmon said before his performance and turned back tears. He recalled listening to "Landslide" one night "having had a hard conversation with my parents. I went to bed tonight and really connected to it."