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It is possible for a Tesla to be hacked, and here is why it knows if it is a good thing

Photo: Tesla

Tesla's cars have computers on board, like all modern cars which means that they are also vulnerable to hackers. Some white hats recently targeted Tesla, and they were able to activate windscreen wipers and steer the rats via a gamepad, in addition to tricking Autopilot. CEO Elon Musk's answer? "Solid work."

It's more nuanced than you think. Listen to us.

Last week Tencent Keen Security explained how it had discovered the errors, with window wipers on "incorrect" in certain situations. More seriously, Tencent said it could control the operating system with a gamepad, "even though the Autopilot system is not activated by the driver." And then there was lane recognition:

Lane Recognition Flaw

Tesla Autopilot recognizes lanes and helps control by identifying road traffic signs. Based on the research, we showed that by placing interference stickers on the road, the Autopilot system will capture this information and make an abnormal judgment that causes the vehicle to enter the circumference path.

Here is a brief widening of Tencent's results:

Musk took it all gamely, replied to Twitter.

Tesla also told Tencent that it had addressed the vulnerabilities in software updates.

Tesla's feedback on Autowipers:

"This study was demonstrated by showing a picture on a TV that was placed directly in front of a windshield of a car. This is not a situation in reality that drivers would face. And this is not a security issue, and "Auto mode [for our windshield wipers] is currently in BETA. As we mention in our Email ", a customer may also choose to use the built-in manual wiper setting at any time."

Tesla's Feedback on Lane Recognition:

"In this demonstration, scientists adjusted the physical environment (eg, placing lanes on the road or changing lines) around the vehicle to make the car work differently when Autopilot is in use, this is not a real-world concern as a driver at any time easily can override Autopilot using the steering wheel or brakes and should be ready to do so at any time. "

Tesla's feedback to" Control Steering System with a Gamepad "Research:

" The primary vulnerability addressed in this report, set by Tesla through a robust security update in 2017, followed by another comprehensive security update in 2018, from which we released before this group reported this research to us. The road, we have never seen a single customer ever hit by any of the studies in this report. "

This is a healthy back and forth, and no system is absolutely indelible, in spite of what companies may require. This is not the first time Tencent has hacked Tesla. toned down) doesn't help at all – but it's white hat hacking to help.

White hat hacking is a legit industry, and Musk & # 39; s answer is a fully professional, in the context of a hat tip. occur glib at first glance, but this kind of (mostly) good faith hacking is commonplace and pretty good for the industry, a kind of rigorous third-party testing, it can also be very profitable as companies will pay to know about their vulnerabilities

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If you can hack into this Tesla Model 3, it is yours

Pwn2Own is a hacking conference with a very simple premise: Hack in the device and that's yours.

Read more Read [19659022] And the fact that a Tesla can be hacked is not really something to worry about. All computers, scared of the ever-air-gapped, who haven't had anything ever connected to them, can be hacked. Man has not yet created the perfect system without potential exploits, and the market for zero day vulnerabilities can be exciting. So it is good that someone let Tesla know directly, rather than selling the information to someone who wanted to create a navy of zombie Teslas.

What anyone would do with a navy of zombie Teslas, we do not know. But we are not supervillains. Yet.

I've sent Tesla to see if they'll add something else and will update this post if they answer.

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