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Inside the strange world of WWE bets

Sports betting has had a rapid expansion in the US over the last year, when eight states are now participating in a legalized market. WWE has had a similar lucrative year with a couple of TV offers of over 2 billion. Dollars over the next five years.

You wouldn't expect the two companies to overlap in any way, no matter how often WWE is seeking an air of legitimacy leaning against the sports side of sports entertainment. In reality, however, there are ways to bet on the outcome of the WWE battles – and no event in the WWE world is capable of supplying the world with bets other than Royal Rumble, which takes place on Sunday. [19659002] As Sunday's pay-per-view approaches, Adam Burns from BetOnline.ag gave some insight into their Royal Rumble bets so far.

Seth Rollins opened as a favorite of 2-1 (+200) and has drawn five times more action than any other wrestler. He is now at 1-1 (+ 100 / even money).

■ John Cena went from 25-1 to 16-1 and now sits at 5-1 despite injury rumors. Braun Strowman has gone from 33-1 right down to 4-1

■ Drew McIntyre has received the most action on "Rumble elimination" prop – three times more than any other wrestler. Braun Strowman has had the second biggest action

■ Rollins has also got the most action for "longest time" prop

■ The women's Royal Rumble opened with Becky Lynch as a favorite and Charlotte Flair the second; which has since turned.

These bets are not something you want to see offered on an American sports book anytime soon due to strict regulation of what can and cannot be bet on, but a number of offshore books and European sports books have offered odds on WWE match results for the better part of the last decade. In spite of WWE's written character, the ability to change results until wrestlers go out to the ring (and sometimes even later) can give WWE bets a different feel than anything else that can fall under an entertainment game.

It is still not changing the fact that one or a few people dictate the outcome of each fight.

"Everyone always asks me," How can you put odds on something that is predetermined? "said Adam Burns, sportsbook manager for BetOnline.ag." And it comes down to this: There are no big limits. You can't bet $ 10,000 on who will win it, but you can bet a few hundred bucks, have fun with it. It is more for us to get people involved. "

Offshore books such as BetOnline and Bovada are leading bets for the 2019 Royal Rumble. Those interested can bet on more than 50 different men to win men's Royal Rumble match and more than 45 different women to win the women's Royal Rumble match – but it goes deeper, just as the Super Bowl props continued to grow over the years as they got more attention, giving this year's offerings from these two places and a number of other long-term odds used in Royal Rumble, most eliminations and odds of making Final 4, including bets.

It brings another interesting question: But who actually puts these lines into the sports books? [19659013] It is unlikely that bets on WWE always come to US casinos and sports books, but those wishing to bet on John Cena or their favorite WWE superstar can find odds on offshore books. Anth ony Geathers for ESPN

"I have a guy who is a die-hard WWE [fan] and he knows he sees everything and follows everything," Burns said. "He calculates it and puts it as a percentage of what he thinks. He follows all the stories and all Twitter rumors. The fact is, we're comfortable doing because it attracts some customers, people have fun with it, we have not internal information. We set it up just because people get engaged, have fun – and well, the lines will move a lot. "

As for who bets on WWE events, there is at least some crossover between worlds of sports betting and wrestling enthusiasm. For example, a California lawyer who attends @ kaponofor3 on Twitter – he prefers not to reveal his name – includes bets on WWE within his overall portfolio of bets. He's been looking for wrestling for more than three decades, and he's been focusing on WWE action since at least 2011; His earliest remembrance of finding odds listed was for WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta.

"I'm probably seeing two to four hours of wrestling a week at this time," @ kaponofor3 said. "I have two young sons and one of them is beautiful in it, but given the weekly shows we don't always show them all. But we see some recap shows and I try to catch weekly NXT shows – but I will see all the big pay-per-view with them. "

This kind of knowledge and dedication, when translated into a traditional sport, would typically translate into a relatively strong understanding of the product and an edge when it comes to the betting market. However, when it comes to WWE, the nature of betting and the markets offered are not nearly enough to retire.

What's more, if there is even a range of expertise – or worse in knowledge – you won’t be able to redeem for a long time.

"Caps are usually very low – maybe $ 100 peaks until you encounter them once or twice," @ kaponofor3 said. "Then it is either [you’re] eliminated [from betting] or limited to as $ 5. I think the most risky I was $ 100 on a relatively small dog, but I could be wrong."

Whether or not these types of bets could find their way into an American sports betting market as it expands and the stigma falls away, it makes sense to turn to the betting capital of the world – Las Vegas – to search for indicators. As you might expect, chances are essentially slim to none.

Charlotte Flair is the blessed favorite post in Sunday's Royal Royal Rumble match. Vaughn Ridley for ESPN

"Nevada has a pretty strict line about what can and cannot be offered to the players," said Alan Berg, senior odds maker and trader at Caesars Entertainment. Until a few years ago, sportsbooks weren't allowed to book [bets on] Super Bowl MVP. I think the rule of thumb was if it is not determined on the court and can be determined by meaning, it will not be offered by sports books. "

A check-in with the Nevada Gaming Control Board backs up to the level of pessimism, the market for which types of events can be wagered, though slowly, but will almost certainly never contain scripts or pre-determined events like WWE Outside horse racing, greyhound races and athletic events that have been approved at events such as the World Series of Poker, awards in a number of sports including MVPs and Heisman Trophy, draft results in several sports and even a couple esports and competitive video gaming games approved, including the League of Legends and the 2018 Golden Tee World Championship.

There has been some consideration to accept bets on elections, including some dialogue and discussion by the former state legislators in Nevada, but none Bills have ever been passed, you only have to look at heavy swings that the WWE betting market meets on the day of a show to know that Vegas does not want an alley of WWE bets.

Reminds a fight from the WrestleMania 27 card where The Miz defeated John Cena with several interruptions from The Rock, @ kaponofor3 said it specifically attached to him as to how finely a result can be analyzed.

"It's more of an entertainment value, but when there is value, there is value – it's a little how I see it," said @ kaponofor3. "Miz / Cena's main event rating led 5dimes to do something I had never seen before, offering two prizes on the same match – one for & # 39; immediately after the clock calls & # 39; and the other was something like" at the end of the show. "

What is more demanding is the dramatic rate of action of some wrestlers when the predetermined result seems quite clear.

" I remember when a fight that took place at WrestleMania [32] Zack Ryder had 20-1 to win an Intercontinental [championship] ladder match, "Berg said." He closed as a favorite of -2000 against six other opponents. "

Although some may rumor or hearing rumors, there is at least some evidence that strongly suggests a source of inside information leaking it to a few friends – especially when the odds are long. From its perspective and experience, Burns pretty much the element of the WWE betting market.

A mix of history indicators and bets to date has made Seth Rollins betting favorite to win the men's Royal Rumble match on Sunday. Nick Laham for ESPN

"Especially the day For, you will see massive swings in the odds and we look at how the money comes in – and also [see] if there are rumors out there, or any spoilers or people on Twitter and things like that. Our guys see it all the time. But believe it or not, many times some of these rumors are all bulls — and people buy into it and then the opposite happens. "

At the end of the day, all parties involved admit that the lid on being able to bet on WWE is more about entertainment value than it is about getting it right. For the players, it's about having some actions on the result, trying to find a decent value, and if a victory can earn, the night's result may be a little sweeter.

"The swings [in the odds] can be massive," said caponofor3. "Vince [McMahon] can always change to last minute on the big things, so you never really know. I only beat [under] dogs exclusively where I could see the story of them winning. [I] should also be aware that a DQ or countout is technically a victory to the other, which is insidious and must take account of history. "

From the perspective of sports books, it is really about attracting new customers who would otherwise be unlikely to place a bet. However, it is not a charitable act. There are still sucker bets as it would be in another game of chance or betting , although the limited effort cap tends to limit the damage to those who like to take action on some long shots.

"We throw guys like Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley," Stone Cold "[Steve Austin] because you never know. It's entertainment, right? So they can just come up and stay in it and you never have as you have no idea I think we are trying to have fun with it. And believe it or not, people will bet these guys.

"We're going to be wrong on some of these," continues Burns. "We're not going to be 100 percent correct in the order of the odds and all these things, but I'm pretty sure my wrestling guy that he knows pretty much what he's doing."

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