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Inside Empyrean, Warframes most ambitious extension yet

Digital Extremes is aware that Empyrean is an extension, but they do not want you to call the upcoming content solution. For many games, including Warframe 's previous extensions, an expansion pack takes the player to a whole new area of ​​the world – a ship in a bottle isolated from previous content.

Empyrean has new content, but Digital Extremes connects it with Warframes existing world. There is no new headline landscape; Instead, the features of the star of Empyrean are more subtle. From a gigantic customizable spaceship to a Shadow of Mordor -style nemeses for under-the-hood upgrades, Digital Extremes has taken the opportunity to revise many of the weaker parts of Warframe Warframe Warframe .

Everything aboard! It's space ship time!

The first, and possibly the most important thing, is that players get a spaceship. Railjack was teased at Tennocon 201

8, and again at E3, but today we got to see exactly how this vessel works. Railjack is inspired by FTL: Faster than light the roguelike spaceship management game from Subset Games.

Players will be able to gather crew members, upgrade and strengthen their ship and enjoy little interactions around the ship. Some of these are just a wave, others are a little more detailed. These crew members have to say that it is a BioWare game, but they give a little soul and individuality to a player's ship.

Digital Extremes

Players also upgrade the ship itself. Upon launch, the person who owns the session controls the ship's cosmetics and upgrades. Players who are not in a party can customize their Railjack to their heart content. This is designed as end-game content, but lower players can help with Railjack missions as part of the team, and they will earn resources that can move towards their ship. Excess resources are converted to Railjack mission bonuses, ensuring that the content wheels always spin and distribute something useful.

Railjack is also capable of some great performance. Something technically feasible, if it is logistically challenging, is the ability to split a ship, the Last Jedi style with your fast journey through Void.

Despite these heights, the effort is relatively low on Railjack; a mission error returns the player to the safety of their dock in the player dojo. Railjack, in its slower missions, allows exploring existing areas and finding difficult places and secrets. But the active missions made me sit up and pay attention. Railjack is a set of fun systems, but that's where it takes us that really matters.

Digital Extremes

Space games for fun and profit

The early stages of the flight aboard Railjack were humble. We saw a crew maneuvering through waste, carefully twisting its Railjack around the meteors and occasionally clearing a road with heavy weapons. Players discovered a lost vessel. Two went on board to check the archives while Railjack's pilot was aboard and provided fire support. In many ways, this example was like a standard Warframe mission, but the format was new, and the addition of air support added a fun twist.

The next mission really showed Warframe Warframe ] at its best. The mission, according to the developers, draws direct inspiration from Return of the Jedi . Independent stories, from various co-op squads, merged into a short mix of common goals. We saw players attacking a Grineer fleet. Players launched on enemy ships while the pilot maintained elusive maneuvers and fired at enemies. Then, the boarding parties could hijack ships by murdering priority targets and turning Grineer ships against their enemies.

The flagship was prepared for such treason and the game warned that a shield has gone up. We introduced a shifting focus to a completely independent group of players who fish peacefully on the Eidolons plains. They received a talk that a troop needed help, they answered the call and started a land attack on the shield generator. The players in the room were alive, fighting for Grineer ships slowly enough to make the earth succeed. It opened the flagship and the final boss.

There are built-in error messages if no one answers your call for help. No mission is impossible. But this kind of co-op was an explosion to see unfold, and it adds to the strong sense of community that binds Warframe together. This mission felt like one of the epic battles of EVE Online running through a Hollywood filter to play out in a way as fun, hectic and far-reaching as possible.

A stronger boss

Shadow of Mordor The Nemesis system was a game changer and we have seen other titles to customize the persistent enemy type that remembers you from previous meetings. Warframe now has his own nemesis for players to encounter again (and again) and he is as extra as the rest of the game.

That bad boy is a Kuva Lich. This enemy dies and returns again and again. His body has Warframe parts merged into his flesh. The player needs to find a permanent solution to finish him, but it is difficult because he is chasing us down. It is quite literal; We learned that Kuva Lich will appear in non-related missions looking for a fight. (He won't show up in wildly independent story content to preserve the narrative thread.) Every iteration of Kuva Lich comes back stronger, so it's quite a threat.

Kuva Lich is unique to each player to a degree; He remembers your actions and the ways you have killed him before. Instead of pre-fight, end-mission dialogue, Lichen is long chatters and he will bring your favorite weapons, tactics you've used before, and other personal jabs about your common story.

Empyrean offers a comprehensive set of content and changes to Warframe that are immediately appealing and exciting. If the performance is as solid as the demo we saw at Tennocon, this will add a whole new way to play Warframe with many upgrades and iterations to dig through. We also saw graphical enhancements that are part of a Warframe next-generation engine upgrade that had real-time shadows, better reflections, and smoothing plane tickets.

Somehow, it seems that even though the design and lore of Warframe is locked into a arms race with himself to top his last feats. New content is becoming more and more dense and complex, but also extra and unthinkable cool. An enemy like a chemically altered infinite blood cell with your former mech-suits merged with his flesh is a party conceptually. and Digital Extremes only sells it by remaining fully engaged in the wild sci-fi nature of their universe. Empyrean doubles all applications, touchstones and game aspects of Warframe .

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