A massive fish washed ashore on and on a beach was first believed to be a piece of driftwood.

Upon closer inspection, there were eyes and fins and a mouth. Linette Grzelak, who posted photos of the find on Facebook, told the BBC she didn't think it was real "until I googled sunfish."

Sunfish are the world's largest bony fish, and can "weigh more than a car, "according to National Parks South Australia.

Her partner Steven Jones, who discovered the 6-foot-long fish at Coorong National Park with another fisherman, said it was "extremely heavy" and "rough and leathery like a rhinoceros," the BBC reports.

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South Australian Museum manager Ralph Foster customs CNN there is little known about this type of ocean sunfish, also called Mola mola, which can grow so large, it could actually sink a yacht. The sunfish found at Coorong measures small to medium in comparison to other known Mola mola fish, which feed largely on jellyfish.

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