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The last five spots in the final are on their way. And it will not be easy.

The second group of semifinalists hit the stage at “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday. And the competition is stacked with the best of the best, including three Golden Buzzer winners.

“This is the final semifinal,” Judge Howie Mandel said. “Make it or crack it.”

Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin “put it all on the line … literally.”

After barely sneaking through to the semifinals with the help of the referees’ rescue, Goodwin pulled one of the “scary stunts” out of his book to secure a final spot.

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Goodwin tried to run a zipper suspended 60 feet in the air to a crane 80 feet away that only held with its teeth. To raise the stakes, Goodwin lit the zipper on fire, tied his hands behind his back and secured a padlock that stopped him midway.

To get to the other side, Goodwin had to free his hands, unlock the padlock around his waist, and drive to the other side before the flames burned through the ropes and sent him crashing down. He managed it with time.

“You must be a little cuckoo in the head,” Sofía Vergara said, adding that it was one of her favorite acts he has done. Almond called the stunt “scary.”

“My heart was still beating,” he said. “I think you’re worth voting for the final.”

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The field was again dominated by singers including Kenadi Dodds, Celina Graves, Daneliya Tuleshova and Voices of our City Choir. But one of the most memorable singing performances came from Cristina Rae.

Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer winner dedicated an emotional performance of Cynthia Erivo’s “Jump” to her son, Jeremiah, whom she hopes to give a home by winning “AGT”.

Mandel branded her as the best singer in the competition. “In the song category, you’re the one to beat. I think your voice is clean, it’s powerful, it’s entertaining,” he said.

Vergara said Rae gave her “goosebumps”. Klum said she had formed a “special bond” with Rae and hopes she wins it all.

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A total of 11 acts performed during Tuesday’s semifinals, mostly from Universal Studios Hollywood’s soundtrack, amusement park and the famous backyard.

Two actions joined via satellite from the other side of the world due to pandemic travel restrictions. The acrobatic trio Bello Sisters stunned the judges from Germany with incredible strength.

“It hurt to see you girls,” Klum said. “You are always beautiful to look at. You create these human sculptures.”

Mandel added that he was not impressed that the sisters were able to hold hundreds of pounds in each other’s body weight. “I can not lift 240 pounds,” he admitted.

Duo Bad Salsa impressed from a Bollywood-inspired scene in India with their fast-paced, high-flying dance routine. “I mean, this is one of the shows I like best,” Vergara exclaimed.

The second round of semifinalists includes Rae, Dodds, Graves, Tuleshova and Crews’ Golden Buzzer winning Voices of our City; Goodwin; Bello sisters; Max Major (magician); BAD Salsa (salsa duo); Brett Loudermilk (sword-swallower); and dance group WAFFLE Crew (Cowell’s winner of the Golden Buzzer).

Fans can vote up to 10 times for each action on, the “America’s Got Talent” app and through the Xfinity Voice Remote. The first finalists will be revealed during Wednesday’s results show (NBC, 8 EDT / PDT).

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