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How to get the fast attacker Kill for Lumina Quest – Game Rant

This week, Destiny 2 launched its latest exotic weapon quest, which sends players after Lumina. For the most part, the Lumina quest is straightforward if it is a bit long, but there is a task some players might have trouble with.

Towards the end of the Lumina exotic quest in Destiny 2 players will get a multi-site pursuit asking them to kill the Guardians with hand guns in Crucible, creating 50 orbs of teammates and killing one Invader in Gambit. It is this last step that can prove difficult for players, as it can only be accomplished under very specific circumstances.

Not on My Watch & # 39; Medal in Gambit

To complete the Invader step in the Lumina quest, Destiny 2 players must have a "Not on my Watch" medal. This means that the invader must be eliminated within 10 seconds displayed on the track and they may not have killed any teammates. As a result, players will want to act quickly and be prepared, so here are a few weapon choices that can help get the job done.

Truth Rocket Launcher

Truth is a popular choice for Gambit already since its tracking is better than any other rocket launcher and its projectile is moving very fast. If you happen to be on the wrong side of the card from the invader, you can still ADS with Truth, fire a rocket and get a kill within that 10 second window.

Izanagi 's Burden

Another popular choice is Izanagi' s Burden exotic sniper rifle, with Honed Edge perk active. When the enemy team has an invader ready, combine four shots to one with the sniper rifle and then search the invader. While you will need to get a headshot with a normal sniper to remove the invader right away, Izanagi's burden will do something here. What makes Izanagi's burden a good choice is that it does not need power ammunition, so you can be prepared without struggling with teammates over the power of the ammunition package.

Influencing Invader Spawns

In addition to choosing the right weapon, it is important to understand how invasions work in Destiny 2 s Gambit state . Each card typically has three spawning areas where the invader can be displayed. They may not show up where you spawn, so they will either appear in the north, west or east.

With that information in mind you can try to influence where an invader jumps by occupying one of the three areas. It is not guaranteed, but usually if you are near an alley, it will put the invader somewhere else, so you only have to look in two general directions. If you have a full four team, you can even directly influence where the invader runs, right down to a precise location.

As Lumina Quest is still new, there is a chance that Destiny 2 community will work on some kind of honor system. Invaders know that there are opponents trying to complete the quest, and so they can just hurry in and try to give up a free kill. But the longer it goes, the more likely Gambit will return to a more competitive experience, so these tips help.

Once you receive the Not on My Watch medal, the hardest part of the Lumina quest is over and the exotic hand gun is within reach. It is another type of weapon for Destiny 2 and one that can lead to some new strategies. Perhaps it is a sign of things to enter Destiny 2: Shadowkeep .

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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