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How to Get Destiny 2’s Lament, Cloudstrike and Eyes Of Tomorrow Exotics, All Live Now

I told you a lot of things would happen when the raid was cleared yesterday in Destiny 2, but maybe I even stressed that. In addition to other changes and quests there are now three new exotic items that you can hunt in the game that were not available before, The Lament, Cloudstrike and Eyes of Tomorrow, which means that all currently known exotics are in the game except Hawkmoon now, which comes later in Season of the Hunt on a time.

So what Destiny 2 activities do you need to do to get which weapon? I will go in at least the most complex order, starting with one that is actually very straightforward.


For the first time in a long time, Bungie kept the raid exotic under wraps beforehand. It̵

7;s an exotic rocket launcher that shoots multiple targets at once, and I see it already ruining some chaos in PvP. Getting it is both easy and difficult. We are back to the days when exotic raid is simply a random fall to clear the raid like Anarchy and Tarrabah before that.

The difference? Although not yet confirmed, we are likely to use the system where each subsequent clearing of the raid without causing Eyes of Tomorrow to drop increases its chances. So the more you beat the raid, it eventually becomes more or less a coin flip, whether you get it or not, rather than the 5% chance or whatever it starts. As such, you will only see a small handful of days a people get it now, but when the raid gets rid of competition mode and everyone jumps into more clearings a week, this becomes much more common.


I did not expect this one to go live at all, but this is tied to new Variks Sabotage nodes that are available after you beat his new quest, which is live after the raid. If that does not seem to make his exo challenge, do the new Exo Stranger mission just in case.

At this point, you should see two nodes in the middle, Europan Explorer I and II. If you unlock both of these, then open a “Playlist” for Empire Hunt, where you no longer need to use currency to play them, and there are new versions at different power levels that include modifiers and masters as a Nightfall ordeal .

Cloudstrike is listed as a “rare” reward from all difficulty levels, even the easiest with less than 1200 power. I’m not sure if your chances of getting it increase when the difficulty increases, but the point is, you can get it anywhere. So get these two hubs, then come to farming.

The lament

Okay, now we come to the one that is an actual quest with a lot of steps to acquire Destiny 2’s new chainsaw sword. Start by picking up the quest from Banshee. He has given us a lot of weapons assignments, but this one is special to him.

Step 1 – Find three dead exo. These are like dead ghosts playing small voice messages when you find them, scattered around Europe. There are nine in total and you only need three. Use Houndish’s video like I did.

Step 2– Find the giant exo head. Yes, so this is something. There’s a huge new area unlocked in Clovis Bray Creation that you can now walk through and you should be able to find the giant exo head using a waypoint on your map. This will trigger a new … interaction and the rest of the quest.

Step 3 – Use sword to defeat Vex. You need 100 last strokes on Vex and 20 last strokes on Minotaurs, Hydras and Cyclops. This is annoying, because if an enemy is an orange or yellow bar, they do not count. I ran Perdition-lost sector and just killed the first three minotaurs, ran out and then ran in again.

Step 4 – Make an exo challenge. This is the new thing you get from Variks. If you have already done so, you can restart one directly from the card now.

Step 5 – Make finishers on Vex in Europe. About 50 in total if you only make red bars. Just busy work.

Step 6 – Find knife pieces in Glassway Strike. This makes them sound like they are hidden, but they are not. In the last boss meet a yellow beam harp that you just have to kill and they will drop the pieces.

Step 7 – You’ve talking to Banshee, then just run Bunker Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins. The new thing you need is in the last boss coffin.

Step 8 – There’s one last “Reforging the Past” mission where you will have to protect the giant exo-head and you will get the sword itself during this encounter. Then you go back to Banshee for some uhhhh pretty important revelations. Seriously, do not skip the text or lore to this search. It’s a doozy.

Then you have your sword. Charge it by holding the block and then hacking away at the bosses to build up stacks of massive damage. This thing might surpass the Falling Guillotine, which says something.

So there you have it. Tell me when you get hold of any of these and whether this guide helped.

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