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How Cassius Winston kept Aaron Henry afloat and saved Tim Izzo from himself

Des Moines, Iowa – Cassius Winston knew how Aaron Henry felt what he was thinking. Two years ago, Winston was in the same place, a freshman charged with carrying a heavy load in the NCAA tournament. The lights are lighter. The stakes are higher. The audience is loud and not so friendly. It is unlike anything that a first-timer has experienced in his basketball career.

Michigan State was in a dog fight with Bradley at the beginning of the second half, a dog fight that the two seeds had not negotiated and now Henry was in possession of Izzo for a couple of careless plays on the defense. Once, Henry disappeared his man in the halfway, leading to an open tree. Once again he jogged back in transition, giving a light bucket.

This is the kind of mistake that jumps a team with national championship attempts. Izzo met Henry near the midfield as he jogged out of the floor during a timeout, grabbed him briefly at the arm to guide him to the bench and then unloaded . The openings in Izzo's neck burst. His finger was soon in Henry's face. It was at that time that Henry turned his palms into the air that Winston intervened between the two.

And that's why this year's Big Ten player means so much more than that for the Spartans.

Winston put his hands on Izzo's shoulders to reassure him, then he returned to Henry, held him by the waist and said what was to be said.

"I just felt that moment, I could get the message better for him than Coach. I know what it feels like to be in his shoes. So I asked Coach "What do you want me to tell him and I can get it notified to him," Winston said.

The message was simple and Izzo was right. Henry knew it.

"It was about him jogging back on the defense and just looking there scarce out there as he was on some points," said Winston. "I want to come to him as my brother and tell him "

Michigan State needs Henry badly in this tournament, now more than ever with Kyle Ahrens sidelined. For much of Thursday afternoon, he was missing. When he stood out, it was for the wrong The reasons were frequent and silly, the mammoth missing dunk ̵

1; Well, hey Nry and his teammates can laugh about it now.

Subsequently with one with just over seven minutes to go and stare another first round of meltdown on the face, the Spartans went on a 22-10 run to close the game. Winston scored eight of these points and ended with a game high 26. Henry took a big shot and then sank two key free kicks to help his team – and his coach – avert disaster.

An audience immediately formed around his stall when the media poured into the wardrobe after the game and it did not take long for the questions of Izzo to begin.

Tom got you pretty hard at some point. What was it about?

"Which?" Asked Henry. "When?"

The crowd around him stuck as if there were any doubts. The fact that Henry was serious emphasizes how often Izzo gets into his players, yes, but also how a moment from outside can be cuddled into something more than it is. What seems evil and cruel can feel very routine to those involved.

Maybe it's a bad thing that a ranting and raving coach on a freshman can be moved off as normal. But his is how Izzo coaches and he trains that way because he thinks his players can handle it. He believes, and probably justly, that he has built enough trust with them from the right to sometimes come after them on it.

"That's okay," Henry said. "He must shout. He does. You have to accept it, listen to what he says and just apply it to the game. You can't listen to how he says it, but what he says.

" It's not something Now, "he added." Just be a basketball player and answer. "

And to be fair, this blow-up was a little different.

" I mean, it's been a moment since he chewed me out like that because I haven't played this badly for a while, "Henry said." In every blue moon I play so badly. "

It didn't get any better for Henry out of the timeout, not immediately. right back on the floor and saw him commit a few more conversions and then bungle it dunk, but Henry dug into the defense, which is where he can always gain influence and grabbed a few rebounds. three minutes back, Izzo called a game for his carefree freshman.

And freshman laugh hosted, took his husband to the post and made one fall. Henry stopped playing all 20 minutes in the second half.

"He's not going to take me out because he knows what I can co and what I give to this team," Henry said. "When I destroy he knows that I'm going to do it somehow."

Izzo, like Henry, heard a lot about the moment afterwards. At that time it had become viral. Observers not tuned to his … methods … were shocked that he would tell a player to the point that another had to intervene. Izzo was asked about it on the podium and asked about it again in a scrum outside Michigan State's locker room. After the fourth or fifth question in the case, he spoke.

"What's wrong with challenging a child who made some mistakes?" He asked, his voice tall and thin in astonishment.

In Izzo's mind, he wasn't "after" Henry, as the sentence goes. He held him accountable for his mistakes and demanded more from him at a time when there was no room for error. Henry has become a big piece of the puzzle for Michigan State, and a player who is important is able to catch a lashing from his trainer when he is not locked in.

"If it is effort-related things," Izzo said with a nod. "If there are bet-related things. The other side of that coin is that there must be many conversations between the head coach and the player over time, because we turned right and went to ] him in post and he replied. So maybe you should look a little deeper into what it takes? "

He later added:" You must

have a feeling For your team and the only way you have a feel for your team is if you spend time with them, and no one uses more time with them than I do. "

While all that is true, it is not unfair to say that Izzo at this moment may have miscalculated. There is a reason why Winston intervened. And that's what makes a good team a strong entity, a leader that complements another. For the whole of Izo's fire and rage where the Spartans are undoubtedly cast, Winston's cool hand keeps the whole operation balanced.

During a huddle towards the end of the game, with Michigan State finally in clear, Winston Henry pulled away and spoke to him again. He wanted to make sure that freshman understood his past mistakes because he can't continue to do them if the Spartans want to do something in March. It was about the missing task of defense.

"The trainers told us who covered who, so everyone otherwise knew who they had, and he was just, I don't know, maybe caught in a Dancing or something like that, "Winston said. "I was like," At the end of the day, coaches told us so it's your fault. And it's okay we got lucky. But in the future you have to deal with things in your end and we must have your back. & # 39; "

This is completely new to Henry. At the top of morphing to a decisive player suddenly logs 30 minutes a night with Ahrens out of the mix, he appears in his first NCAA tournament. is the deep end. Thursday afternoon he could not touch the bottom, just as it looked as if his head had been dipped under, there was Winston and threw his hand out.

"It's kudos to him for just step up for me and look out for me, knowing I'm a freshman, and I'll go through things like that, "Henry said.

Let's be clear, it's not all cramps and kisses and pats on the back. These guys are brothers; Winston said it himself. And what kind of older brother Winston would be if he didn't rage Henry for the bad thump that ended five rows deep in the crowd.


asked him about it?!" Winston asked a crowd of journalists, his eyes lit up.

They had, and one of them, forwarded Henry's answer: I don't know what happened, man.

Winston chortled in joy, eager to pile on. This time, Henry has no choice but to take it.

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