Mount Everest climbers are experiencing a line at the "death zone."

Newly released video footage shows the treacherous, final moments of a group of climbers who perished in the Indian Himalayas in May.

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police found a "memory video device" near the Nanda Devi East at a height of 19,000 feet while examining the area where the bodies were found. Indian officials released the video on Monday.

The group had eight climbers: four Britons, two Americans, and an Australian and an Indian liaison officer. They were attempting to reach Nanda Devi East's peak, which had never been scaled before.

The base camp lost contact with the team May 26, and authorities were notified five days later. Vijay Kumar Jogdande, a civilian administrator in the northern state of Uttarakhand, said they may have been buried in an avalanche.

This year's climbing season in the Himalayas has seen a significant number of deaths; Mount Everest has a toll of 11 fatalities. The high numbers have been blamed on overcrowding, bad weather and inexperience.

A search team discovered five bodies in the Himalayas earlier in June, which authorities believed to be some of the missing hikers.

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