Gov.-Elect Gretchen Whitmer speaks to the free press
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LANSING – Salaries paid to members of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's cabinet ranges from $ 159,800 to $ 216,240 and spans close to the remuneration paid by former chief executive Rick Snyder to cabinet members who did the same work in his administration, records obtained at the Free Press show.

According to records released by the governor's office, the highest paid member of Whitmer's Cabinet is the temporary superintendent of the State Board of Education, Sheila Alles ]. She has a salary of $ 216,240 while the board is seeking a superintendent to replace Brian Whiston, who died last year after holding the post since 2015.

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Gretchen Whitmer celebrates his victory during a party at the MotorCity Casino's Sound Board in Detroit on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Whitmer Choice raises questions on State Conflicts of Interest

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Anyone who has had the post since May had the same salary under Snyder in December, according to figures published by the Department of Technology, Management and Budget.

The teaching assistant's salary is not typical because

Other Whitmer Cabinet salaries are:

  • Brigadier General Paul Walters Director of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs: $ 175,507. It's a little under $ 180,089 salary Snyder paid his military and veteran director, Major Gen. Gregory Vadnais.
  • Director of Health and Human Services Robert Gordon : $ 175,000. That's the same amount Snyder paid his director for that department, Nick Lyon.
  • Corrections Department Director Heidi Washington : $ 175,000. Washington is a team leader from the Snyder administration who has had the post since 2015. She was paid the same amount under Snyder.
  • Treasurer Rachael Eubanks : $ 174,204. Snyder paid the same amount to former cashier Nick Khouri.
  • Director of Agriculture and Rural Development Gary McDowell : $ 165,000. That's $ 5,000 more than Snyder paid his farm director, Gordon Wenk, records.
  • Department of Technology, Management and Budget Director Tricia Foster : $ 165,000. It's $ 15,000 less than Cheats & # 39; s DTMB director, David DeVries, was paid. But DeVries also served as Michigan's Chief Information Officer, whom Foster does not want.
  • Michigan Department of Transportation Director Paul Ajegba : $ 165,000. That's $ 5,000 more than Snyder paid his MDOT director, Mark Van Port Fleet.
  • Department of Environmental Quality Director Liesl Eichler Clark : $ 165,000. It's the same that Snyder paid his DEQ director Heidi Grether.
  • Institute of Natural Resources Daniel Eichinger : $ 165,000. That's the same thing Snyder paid his DNR director, Keith Creagh.
  • Director of Insurance and Financial Directors Anita Fox : $ 165,000. Snyder paid the same amount to his director, Patrick McPharlin.
  • Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Director Orlene Hawks : $ 165,000. Snyder paid the same amount to his LARA director, Shelly Edgerton.
  • Michigan State Police Director Col. Joe Gasper : $ 165,000. It's the same amount that Snyder paid his MSP director, colleague Kriste Kibbey Etue.
  • Budget Director Chris Kolb : $ 165,000. That's the same amount Snyder paid to his budget director John Walsh.
  • Institute of Civil Rights Agustin Arbulu : $ 159,800. Another team from the Snyder administration, Arbulu, was paid the same amount under the former governor. The civil rights director's salary is set by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission, not the governor.

Whitmer spokesman Tiffany Brown said it is common for wages for many cabinet posts to remain fairly consistent from one administration to the next. She said when choosing the cabinet, the primary focus was not on how much each city director was paid.

"The governor's focus was to bring together a strong, diverse and talented team of dedicated officials to lead government departments" Brown said.

The governor paid $ 159,300 plus a $ 54,000 expense allowance.

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