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Halo Creator shows unused weapons from developed combat

Bungie apparently had a lot more planned for Halo: Combat Evolved than what eventually came out on the original Xbox in 2001. The franchise’s co-creator, Marcus Lehto, posted a video on Twitter showing some of the game’s unreleased weapons and more. Despite the fact that there were already a lot of iconic cannons, there could have been even more.

According to the tweet, the weapons would have been used exclusively by the pact and are only present in a PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved from 2000. If they entered the game, the pact would have had access to a concussion pistol, excavator, particle jet rifle and even a microwave pistol . Other weapons exclusive weapons are still present in the game, including Energy Sword and Fuel Rod Cannon.

In action, these unreleased weapons seem quite impressive, with the microwave pistol glowing a light yellow and the concussion pistol firing like a shotgun. However, the cannons were never finished, with some lack of sound effects altogether or the use of placeholders.

Along with cut weapons, a couple of vehicles that never got into Halo: Combat Evolved appear in the video, including a stealth tank. The idea shown early in the video is squat and apparently painted camouflage. According to Lehto, it had to be cut “before we started dev for the Xbox.” Before we moved to the Xbox, Halo: Combat Evolved had to be an RTS, then a third-person shooter for PC and Mac. The decision to make it a first-person shooter could not keep the RTS roots away forever as it eventually got the spin-off for Halo Wars and its sequel.

These weapons from the first days of Halo are much more sci-fi than the cannons that come in Halo Infinite, which remain quite grounded in reality. In the upcoming game, players can look forward to stun guns and assault rifles with the branding here or there. Missing is, for example, a new weapon added in Halo Infinite that fires kinetic projectiles instead of battered bullets. If you want to get hold of Halo Infinite’s weapons early, be sure to sign up for Halo Insider, which entitles you to a spot in the game’s beta.

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