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Graphene hard drives store ten times as much data

Just hit some graph on the bad boy and see it work.


A team of researchers led by the University of Cambridge has developed a new ultra-high-density hard drive that they say has ten times the data storage of other leading drives – thanks to an ultra-thin coating of the graph.

The graphene, which is a material made of a layer with an atom of thick carbon, is a bit of a buzzing treasure in the material science community, to the point that it is almost a meme to implement it in almost everything, be it computers, batteries or outerwear that needs a high-tech update. But in this case, it seems to make a significant difference, according to research published in the journal Nature communication, and Cambridge research could usher in a new era of ultra-powerful hard drives that make today̵

7;s storage problems seem trivial.

Digital sardines

There is nothing magical about the graph that makes hard drives suddenly work better. But the ultra-thin material cuts down on some of the filler that gets built into the drive, providing greater storage density and performance.

Hard drives are mainly made of fast-rotating plates protected by carbon-based overcoats (COCs). As technology has improved, manufacturers have made these carbon layers thinner and thinner. But there is still room for improvement: swapping COCs for even thinner layers of graphene means less filler and more physical space that can be reallocated to data storage, according to a press release. And it turns out that graphene still works fine as a protective coating, so there is very little compromise in giving up birth control pills for graphene.

“To demonstrate that graphene can serve as a protective coating for conventional hard drives and that it is able to withstand [data recording] conditions is a very important result, ”said Cambridge Graphene Center researcher and co-author Anna Ott in the publication. “This will further push the development of new high-density hard disk drives.”

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