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Google Pixel 4: What we want to see

Since its launch in 2016, the Pixel line has become a reliable count in the smartphone release calendar. Providing a range of features with an almost unsurpassed level of software polish, the handsets have done a lot to serve the advancement of technological communities as a whole.

That is not to say that the competition is resting, however, and in 2019 Google really needs to keep its feet if the Pixel line has to meet expectations with its next iteration, Pixel 4.

Read on for the most up-to-date to-date list of rumors about design and pricing and a full breakdown of what we would like to see functionally from Google's upcoming pockets.

Cut to the hunt

  • What is it? Next photo powerhouse from Google
  • When is it out? Probably October 201
  • What will it cost? Possibly close to $ 1,000 / £ 1,000

Google Pixel 4 release date and price

For many years, Google has chosen to release its Pixel lineup in the latter half of the year after the usual scrolling coaster of smartphone releases from the first half of the year have died.

More specifically, we expect a launch event sometime in early October based on previous form, with Google also likely to take this opportunity to launch a couple of other hardware options at the same time, such as the long smoker Pixel Watch.

Following the announcement, it is likely that Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will hit stores in early November if the last few years are something to pass by.

  Image Credit: TechRadar

Affordable, Pixels has climbed for many years now. With the added features now included and the overall emphasis on a premium fit and finish, Pixel 3 – or at least the XL model – can be the first line to break the $ 1,000 / £ 1,000 / AU $ 1,500 mark .

We will probably also see several different storage capacities offered at different prices. More information will come closer to the launch, so watch this space.

Google Pixel 4 news and rumors

At this stage, it is very likely that Google Pixel 4 is still in the final stages of development and is yet to enter the production. As such, any information retrieved from tipsters must be taken with a suitably large salt target.

Whatever the indications are at present, Pixel 4 will arrive at the formation of hollow design used by Honor View 20 [19659008] and then brought into the mainstream of the line Samsung Galaxy S10 .

At least it is such a leaked picture below that apparently shows the Google Pixel 4 XL, suggesting that a double lens camera is cut into the top right corner of the screen.

  Image Credit: SlashLeaks

This will hopefully mean the death of the enormous notch that plagues the Pixel 3 XL while securing additional screen-proof property for the consumer, a win-win.

In fact, there is no visible bezel at all on this image, so it is possible that the Pixel 4 XL will be almost bezel-free.

The picture also seems to mean that Google can finally cover the trend it has set for itself and finally begin to embrace several more meras at the back of its devices.

With Pixel 3, Google really showed the full extent of what was possible with a single camera, while approaching the limits of such a setup. As such, we are happy to see what a Pixel armed with several rear snappers might be able to achieve.

Having said that, images from a patent show just one camera with a single lens, so it's possible that Google sticks to a lens or maybe only the XL model gets two.

You can see some of these cartridge images below. Note that there is no visible camera, notch or edge on the front of the phone. It probably only shows a lack of detail on the sketch, but it may mean that the phone uses a pop-up camera or something.

Image 1 of 3

  Image Credit: 91Mobiles

Image Credit: 91Mobiles

(Image: © 91mobiles)

Picture 2 of 3

  Image Credit: 91Mobiles

Image Credit: 91Mobiles

Image Credit: 91Mobiles

(Image: © 91mobiler)

Picture 3 of 3

  Image Credit: 91Mobiles

Image Credit: 91Mobiles

(Image: © 91mobiles)

We will take these pictures with a pinch of salt though, especially then they also display a fingerprint scanner at the back, which could feel a little dated now that we get phones with screenshots on the screen.

The leaked Pixel 4 XL images further up have no visible scanner, suggesting that it can be built into the screen. However, both sets of images have shown a two-tone back, like its predecessors.

In addition to these images, we also saw a Geekbench benchmark possibly for Google Pixel 4. It shows a top-end Snapdragon 855 chipset, along with 6GB of RAM – up from 4GB in the Pixel 3 series. It also looks surprisingly the lists on running Android Q.

The reference includes a single-core score of 3,296 and a multi-core one of 9,235, which are solid but unacceptable results for a top-end phone. Of course, this would be hardware and software that was already released so the results at launch could be better.

Finally, code recently added to the open source foundation of Android has suggested that Google Pixel 4 may have improved dual SIM support so you can use both a normal SIM and an eSIM at the same time.

During the year there will be more leaks, so look back here for all the latest developments.

What we want to see [19659010] Although nothing is known about Google Pixel 4, we know what we want to see – our eight suggestions are found below.

first Multiple Rear Cameras

Since the beginning of the Pixel line back in 2016, Google has not only defined what is possible with a single camera sensor, but for smartphone cameras in general.

With tricks like super-res zoom, night shot and more, Pixel 3 in particular outcmatched like Huawei, Apple and Samsung in 2018, all seemingly without breaking a sweat. However, the competition does not rest on its laurels, as Huawei P30 Pro turns on the heat in particular.

We wouldn't be surprised if a left field has been added that might change software software to Pixel 4, but to really exceed expectations another, third or even fourth sensor on the back would give it an edge.

Ultravinkled, telephoto zoom, monochrome, there are many options, so we would like Google to experiment with the available options – the results can be spectacular.

2nd No notch

  Image Credit: TechRadar

For anyone looking at smartphone design develops, 2018 was the year of the chop. Regardless of the size of the screen, each manufacturer followed the trend that was greatest in the Apple iPhone X with a lot of copycat stakes.

Google's Pixel 3 XL is a particularly notorious example of egregious notch design as it is larger than most.

We would like to see the company completely avoid the notch this year without taking advantage of the large internal parts of standard Pixel 3, either using a pinhole camera on the display or with a sliding mechanism.

3rd More RAM

Despite generally giving a solid software experience to those who use it, the Google Pixel 3 line was not without controversy, especially with regard to RAM management.

Many users reported that in the first weeks of using the camera app especially used up so much free memory that any other apps then open would be forced shut.

in a budget phone with only a smattering of RAM available, this could have been forgiven, but for a flagship it is certainly not. For Pixel 4, we would like to see at least 6 GB of RAM with a suitable powerful chipset – hopefully this will remove any bad performance accusations.

4th Stereo Speakers

The humble stereo speaker that usually faces forward faces an unequal existence. Though popular with fans on any handset that is characterized by their presence, they tend to be the first victim of space-saving measures.

Case in point, 2019 has seen the removal of the feature from many popular handsets, with sometimes replaced by a speaker under the display.

But for the quality of sound offered and the enhanced listening experience, we would like stereo speakers to remain on Pixel 4, as they did on Pixel 3 – stand out of the competition in all the right ways.

5th Longer battery life

Large battery pack has become the finished item for most flagships in 2019. Almost all sports packages whose size would only have been unheard of a few years ago.

However, Google – claimed improved efficiency with each passing year – has so far not massively improved the size of the batteries with its devices.

And although the early signs promising that the new Snapdragon 855 is significantly more efficient than its predecessor, Snapdragon 845 has, we would like to see Google go the whole pig.

We want to see a Pixel that can measure its life in days, instead of hours. Here we hope Google can deliver on this.

6th Stage-great ambitions

  Image Credit: Google

Earlier in 2019, the Google & # 39; flooded the world with the announcement of its game-streaming platform & # 39; Stage & # 39; that utilizes compression technology in an effort to make a service accessible to everything.

It has been promised that the service will reach an abundance of devices, mobile, console or other. However, the issue of mobile is a bit more complex, because although the extension of service to all Android devices is likely to be a future ambition, the word is that accessibility is limited to Pixel devices only.

With this in mind, we would like to see Google take this concept as far as it can go – but what would that mean? In practice, what we want is improved focus on network performance (to combat potential latency problems) and, more importantly, a dedicated peripheral.

This would ideally be in line with what Xiaomi has helped pioneer with his black Shark gaming handset – touch controls are not suitable for complex operating systems, and a dedicated peripheral would help bridge the gap.

7th More Color Options

In most settings, from the board to the bedroom, black or white options are a solid choice for phones. They add a touch of class and do not stand out in a crowd.

The Pixel line is aimed specifically at this subset of the population, but in the past it has taken some wild progress, mainly especially the original & Really Blue & # 39; model (which was actually very blue).

In the vein of this original we would like Pixel 4 to come in more than a little unconventional color according to the example of the iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy S10e. Whether green, blue, yellow or anything, the new opportunity should stand out from the correspondingly colorful opposition.

8 thereof. A more robust construction

  Google Pixel 3

Pixel 3 is without a doubt a better constructed phone than its predecessor. Having tight lines and a glass at the back, it has really been a match for the various iPhone models released in 2018.

No amount of truth breaking could lead to accusations that it was harmless – yet the opposite in reality . The stone-like finish on the glass at the back has shown the tendency to scratch easily, far more than you expected.

This meant that they portrayed hundreds for their shiny new Google devices, found that it didn't take long before they regretted they didn't hit a case immediately.

As such, either through an all-metal construction or through something a little different (even a different kind of glass or treatment) we would like to see Google embrace a little utilitarianism in its design and create something that anyone can use at any time, any day .

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