Google's camera application for Pixels received an update a few days ago from version 6.1 to 6.2. A quick look at the app left us wondering if there was anything new, but after closer inspection we noticed a few changes, some less and one of you will love: a dark state.

Dark Mode in Settings

The camera application interface has always been focused on black, but when you switched to settings, you were always hit by a cutting white screen. Now, the settings appear in your device. My Pixel 2 XL is on Android Q with the light theme enabled; When I turn on battery saving, everything goes dark, including the camera's app settings. It also works on Android P, though the behavior may be less consistent.

Left: Camera 6.1 light theme. Middle and right: Camera 6.2's new dark state.

New animated transitions

Switch between camera, video, portrait and panorama in version 6.1 of the Camera app showed a black transition screen with the state icon in the middle. With v6.2, the screen no longer flashes black, but instead there is a cool transition and zoom in / out effect that takes place. If you switch between modes, the result is smoother than before, and feels faster.

Left: Camera 6.1's black transition screen. Right: Camera 6.2's animated zoom transition effect.

Flash icon for selfie flash

This one is pretty redundant. In v6.2, when the flash is activated for the front camera, you will see a current flash icon on the display. Perhaps people wondered why their screen switched to this sepia tone, and this add-on helps explain that it works like a flash.

Left: Camera 6.1. Right: Camera 6.2 & # 39 ;.


Google Camera 6.2 already rolls out in the Play Store, but if it's not available to you yet, you can take it from the APK Mirror.

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