Google Assistant has been able to turn lights on and off for a while, but until now it could only do so instantly. This meant that it did not have the ability to run an hour and perform the action after the time had elapsed. Fortunately, the digital helper has become even smarter and can now operate your lights according to the time or duration you specify.

You can now ask Google Assistant to “turn off the lights in five minutes”

; or even turn them on at a specific time, e.g. “Turn on the light in the living room at 5:45 p.m.” Similarly, you can ask it to turn on a light for a certain period of time by saying “turn on the input light for five minutes.” I have even been able to plan events the following day, but I have not been able to plan them several days in advance.

While the above features may be useful, they still need some work. First, when you ask Google Assistant to do something “tomorrow”, you must specify the exact time, otherwise it will just acknowledge your command without asking for clarification. Also, if for some reason it misunderstands you and decides to turn your home into a disco in the middle of the night, there seems to be no way to cancel the request – although you can always ask it to turn off the light a minute later. Fortunately, Google’s official documentation states that Assistant must be able to cancel a scheduled action, so this must be resolved soon.