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Fulham 1-2 Tottenham: Play rating for the theme of observable astronomical phenomena

You may or may not have known this, but there was a total lunar eclipse in the whole of North and South America last night. Not just a lunar eclipse – a Total Super Wolf Moon Eclipse. Apparently, it was even visible to people in the UK early Monday morning.

When I was a kid, I had long before I had imaginative notions of being a world famous Tottenham blogger, and I wanted to be an astronomer. I gave it up when I realized that 99% of astronomy was mathematics, my least favorite topic, but the fascination with astronomical phenomena has continued in my adult years.

So for today's review theme, we'll rank Spurs players into observable astronomical phenomena ̵

1; the things you can, at least in theory, go beyond your doorstep and look. The world is a beautiful place when these things happen, especially after Tottenham Hotspur steals a victory in a London derby.

Here are your player ratings for the theme observable astronomical phenomena.

6 stars: Roman Pavlyuchenko shot at the bar

Just fun.

5 stars: Aurora borealis / australis

There is nothing in the night sky more perfect and awe-inspiring than an aurora. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it is Aurora Borealis. Southern, Aurora australis. You usually have to be a fair road to one of the poles and be lucky to see the energy-activated particles dance away in the sky, but if you ever see it, then you understand why this is the five-star category. Spectacularly.

Harry Winks: This is perhaps very hyperbolic, but I don't care. Winksy fought a bit defensively in the first half, but put an excellent second half performance and really came alive when Eric Dier entered the match. 91/102 passes, 72 passes in the opposition half, 11 ball wins and a goal. Plus did you party? It is a five-star performance for me.

4 stars: Total solar eclipse

For the most part, the total solar eclipses are not DIRECT observable solar phenomena unless you have some of the gorgeous glasses. (Do not stand in the sun, children.) But they are observable with pinhole cameras and the like. I have never been lucky to see a total eclipse, but we had a part that went 80% of the way there a few years back, and in the height it was scary as hell outside. Crickets even began to swell. It blows me that the moon is just the right distance away from the ground to completely cover the sun's size so we can see the penumbra. Science is neat.

Danny Rose : Just a really super achievement from Rose, who combined well with Parts down on the left flank and was solidly sound. Unfortunate that his deflected shot shot out of the crossbar.

Janby Alderweirtonghen: Just let Fulham get a sniff in goal in the second half and were experienced heads, especially after Spurs went down in the first half.

Parts Alli: Seede (sniff) solid Much of the night and (wipe's tear) had some lovely runs into the box. He (swallows) seems to be the only player who can make the most of Kane's absenc … (sobs uncontrollable)

3.5 stars: Total lunar eclipse

Did you see the Super Wolf Moon Eclipse last night? You may not have if you do not live in the continental United States, but it was SPECTACULAR and turned the moon into something of a gothic horror novel. The only problem with lunar eclipses is that you normally have to quit late to see them. I did. I'm sorry at the workplace this morning.

Davinson Sanchez: Had some problems in the beginning against Ryan Babel's strength and speed (which was surprising in itself), but did very well to keep Mitrovic in bay in the second half. In fact, their fight was one of the more interesting ones at night.

Hugo Lloris: Had a couple of really excellent stops to keep Spurs in the game, no better than his reflex rescue Andre Schurrle.

3 Stars: Sunsets

Sunsets are beautiful things, and for most people are indelibly bound to memory or exist as metaphors for love or death. They can be spectacular. They can also be giant duds that resemble more fried eggs on the horizon than ecstasy of color. Gives sunsets three stars for inconsistency. Sort it out, sun.

Christian Eriksen : Maybe it was the smaller size of Craven Cottage's pitch, but Eriksen seemed to be forced to do things. A number of guided passes and events with lost possession. However, his chip to Dele's head in the other half was sublime.

Eric Dier: It wasn't that Dier did anything particularly remarkable, it was more that his presence (and status as a really really safe DM) allowed Winksy to shine in a more advanced role. Welcome back, Eric.

2.5 stars: Meteor showers

When I was about 12, I remember my dad taking me out to see my first meteor shower. We drove into the country to an open field, laid down on a blanket and stared at the sky four as an hour, after which I saw a large sum of as 15 short stripes out of my peripheral vision. Exciting? Slightly. For the most part, I just got cold.

Erik Lamela: A bad day in the office for Erik. Looked lively in moments, but nothing really seemed to come out to him. Need to get better, because there are not many influential players left.

Kieran Trippier : A beautiful good fight on the defensive end, but his crossing was weighty and does not contribute much forward.

2 stars: Planetary conjunction

Hey look, there are two bright dots in the sky and see – they make a line. It happens as often as when three stars do a TRIANGLE. I get it, it's unusual when Venus and Jupiter are within a few degrees of each other or whatever, but as there are two bright dots in the sky that resemble stars. See it.

Fernando Llorente: Tottenham changed his entire offense for the benefit of Fernando, and he made an absolute stink – his own goal, terrible pace and a marble pillar. If he really is the best Spurs can do in Kane's absence, they will fight, especially against better teams.

1 star: Sunrise

There are people who rise up early and see the sunrise, is a spiritual thing. I understand. It can be beautiful. For me, the sunrise is just nature's way of telling me that I am also up. friggin early. I go back to bed.

No Tottenham Hotspur players were as bad as watching sunrise.

Tom Carroll Memorial Non-Rating

Georges-Kevin N & # 39; Koudou: Doesn't really deserve a rating because of the time he played but deserves to mention anyway because this war

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