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Final Fantasy Tactics & # 39; and & # 39; Overcooked & # 39;


  Cherlynn Low

Cherlynn Low
Reviews Editor

I don't really know how it happened, but I've been obsessed with Overcooked . I know I know – I'm super late for the game. You have to forgive me because I'm not at stake. I was introduced to Overcooked (and Overcooked 2 ) during a recent trip to Singapore when my friends and I went to a gaming cafe.

In the beginning I was hesitant. It looked like a stupid game of graphics reminiscent of the many different kitchen and restaurant-based games I have killed on my phone (think Gordon Ramsay Dash and Diner Dash ). I started playing Just Dance with a half of my friends and only began to pay attention to the Overcooked crew when I was tired of the physical effort and was curious why they cried each other .

After confused looking for a few minutes, I got into the game and joined. For the uninitiated: The purpose of Overcooked is to serve as many orders as possible by performing a series of tasks, such as hooking ingredients and boiling meat or soups. It sounds simple, but each round has obstacles that make them more like puzzles you have to find out. You can play between two and four characters and you must navigate the situation as a team to help each other. If there are weak links in your group, you will probably find frustrating bottlenecks or shock points that can prevent you from meeting the minimum point requirement to move on to the next level.

When I first learned to relocate my character and what my role was, it became lots of fun. Granted, most of the fun was shouting at (and shouting at) my friends for a long time and laughing at some of them being totally incomplete. [ Editor's Note: SMDH] One of my friends kept dying and respecting, but didn't realize when she thought she was another player on the screen, which led to our de facto group leader screaming confusingly on her "PAM! It's me not you! You die!"

Overcooked is the perfect personal multiplayer game and I'm not surprised that it has won so many prices. After that night I went to look for the game on Android, but was disappointed to find that there was no mobile version. To be fair, most of the controllers would require a more sophisticated controller than a simple touchscreen. I ended up buying the game (and its successor) on Steam, but it's just not as fun as a single player as it is with others. Fortunately, some of my friends have it on their PlayStation 4s and I now have an invitation to join them to play in their house. I would also like to try the online multiplayer option at some point, get my friends to a conference call to coordinate our efforts. I'm so obsessed that I've been thinking of buying a Nintendo Switch so I can play the game wherever I go. And I may or may not have come out of bed at 5 o'clock just to play some extra rounds.

Not only is Overcooked a great way to have fun with your friends during one night, it's also a better relationship test than shopping at IKEA. Let's face it: if your partner can't even figure out how to make meat and serve the right orders within a certain time, you will always stay out of the way while chopping vegetables and washing up a chance [19659011] Final Fantasy Tactics & Meteorfall

  Devindra Hardawar

Devindra Hardawar
Senior Editor

So I was in a cab on the way to a 16-hour flight to Taiwan when I realized I forgot to pack my Switch. Damn. What should a gamer do? That was when I remembered that I bought Final Fantasy Tactics in IOS years ago, and I had not yet played it on my spiffy iPhone XS Max. It's one of my favorite games all the time, so instead of fearing the long flight ahead of me, I started looking forward to revisiting Ivalice's land.

I originally downloaded Final Fantasy Tactics on PlayStation when it hit the United States in 1998. Like so many young RPG fans, I poured countless hours in Final Fantasy VII during the previous year, and I was eager to jump on something new with Final Fantasy in the title. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Instead of giving me a rich 3D world to explore, Tactics had a basic 2D card while battles and dramatic moments arose in small dioarama-like cards.

In the beginning, I was a little disappointed to be wowed by FFVII's obscene cinematic aesthetics. But as someone who thoroughly loved the SNES era of sprite-based RPGs ( Chrono Trigger will always be my No. 1), it didn't take long for me to fall in love with Final Fantasy Tactics . It was also my introduction to tactical RPGs: Instead of just jumping around in menus while fighting on a single screen, I had the freedom to move around in the 3D environment and choose my approach.

Little did I realize in 1998 that I would play the same game 20 years later on my phone during a transcontinental flight to Computex. It's still a great title, with one of the best soundtracks in the 16-bit era, a gripping story and an addictive job system that lets you shape each character to your liking. The only difference now is that it is portable and controlled by a touch screen.

I put some time in the iOS version of the game some years ago, but now with the iPhone XS Max's 6.5-inch disk, it's just playing it on my switch The only drawback is that the touchscreen The controls are not as accurate as a gamepad, although it is a decent balance for the ability to play it everywhere. (For the record I also spend a lot of time on Final Fantasy Tactics on PlayStation Vita, and I'm happy to see the version of animated movies on the iPhone release.)

In between some extended nap and movie watching, I ended up playing FFT on my phone for about four hours under my plane. And, surprisingly, I didn't miss my Switch for a second. I put even more time on it during my return trip (and between long days of Computex's work). I also took a new title on my way home: Meteorfall a map-based Rogue-like that gave me a decent solution to adventure games while just pushing left or right. It resembles the excellent Reigns mobile games, except it is just about fighting and earning experiences. After spending almost two weeks in Taiwan, it was the perfect way to sit back and relax on the way to NYC.

Just Cause 4

  Daniel Cooper

Daniel Cooper
Senior Editor

It's fashionable for corporate HQs to have inspirational quotes emblazoned on the walls close to the entrance. You know the variety, "the only opponent you have to beat is yourself", "do or not, it is no attempt" and "the best reason to do something is despite." The last, if you are curious, is probably painted over the door of Avalanche Studios & HQ in Sweden.

The developer is behind Just Cause series of games where players take on the robe of Rico Rodriguez. Rodriguez specializes in removing dictators from tropical islands, doing so with a mix of ultraviolence and demolition. In fact, one of the greatest joys in the series is jumping from building to building with a wing doll and grip that blows shit.

Unfortunately Just Cause 3 was fun not fun, with buggy performance and gameplay that, while fun, worn it out welcomed 30 hours in. As a parent their kids commit to bad behavior is the avalanche's answer essentially "fine, let's sit here and eat game." Don't make a mistake, Just Cause 4 is a game made as a punishment to complain about what went before.

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