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Far from Home Easter Egg: Every Spider-Man Reference, Revocation and Cameo

Spider-Man: Far from home has arrived, cut off phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe and ushered in some major changes for Peter Parker. And like all MCU movies, Far From Home is packed full of hidden Easter eggs, references, and recalls to older movies and comic book material. Read on to see our favorite Spider-Man: Far from home Easter eggs and cameos from the movie. Just watch out for big spoilers in the future!

The best Easter eggs in Spider-Man: Far from home

J. Jonah Jameson in MCU

In what is easily the biggest and most welcome surprise in the movie, J. Jonah Jameson makes his long-awaited MCU debut in the mid-credits sequence. Even better, he is played again by J.K. Simmons (who of course played the character in the original Sam Raimi trilogy). However, this scene makes it clear that JJJ is no longer a newspaper tycoon, but today runs the Daily Bugle as an InfoWars-style fake news site (similar to his depiction in the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game).

Identity Leak

Believe it or not, this is not the first time Spider-Man has had to deal with his identity, which becomes public. In the comics, Peter was willing to show his support for the superhuman registration law during civil war. The decision that was settled cost him dearly when Aunt May was caught in the crossfire of a revenge Kingpin, and Peter settled an agreement with Mephisto to save his life. Then he collaborated with Iron Man, Mister Fantastic and Doctor Strange, to create a spell to wipe the entire world memory of his unmasking. Needless to say, we do not expect far from home successor to follow this path.

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Classic Costumes Return

Despite the introduction of two brand new Spider-Man suits, Far from Home also manages to have all three of Peter's previous MCU costumes. It involves his original homemade costume, which returns via the Mysterio-induced hallucination sequence in Berlin.

Spider-Man Noir

Peter's SHIELD-designed tailor-made costume is about function over shape, but it also goes back to a similar costume worn by Spider-Man Noir in the comics and the animated movie Spider-Man: Into Spider- Fresh (albeit without trench coat).

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Marvel Multiverse

Quentin Beck claims to be from an alternative universe suggesting MCU's will soon dive into the concept of Marvel multiverse. It turns out to be a ruse, but the old one has previously suggested in Doctor Strange that the multiverse is actually a thing in these movies. It is also worth noting that both Earth names are recalled to the comics. "Earth-616" is the name of Marvel's classic cartoon universe, while "Earth-833" is the home of Spider-UK, a member of the multiverse-protective Captain Britain Corps.

Every Spider-Man Movie Spin-Off in Development

A Minor Ironman Character Return

The film reveals that Beck and his team are all jilted ex-Strong employees jealous of Peter's relationship with their late boss and angry their "BARF" tech was never put to better use. In continuation of this, actor Peter Billingsley allows to reproduce his role as an engineer / Obadiah Stane's shock bag William Ginter Riva for the first time in 11 years.

And Nova Tease?

A shot on the flight to Europe shows Peter flipping through videos in flight and surviving an episode of the science documentary series Nova. This can be a frugal connection, but we would like to think that Marvel refers to the MCU debut of the cosmic super hero Nova down.

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Ned and Betty

Ned and Betty Have a short-lived, entertaining romance during the film. This seems to be a key to the comics, where an adult Betty Brant and future Hobgoblin Ned Leeds were actually married for some time. Of course, if MCU Ned is supposed to be an adaptation of Ned Leeds, it's still unclear. We still don't know his last name, and in terms of appearance and personality, he shares much more in common with Miles Morales' best friend Ganke.


The monsters Beck fighting in the movie can be false, but in the comics the elements are a very real threat. The versions in the film are even inspired by classic Spidey villains such as Hydro Man and Molten Man.

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Captain Marvel Cameos

Far From Home includes several recalls to the recent Captain Marvel movie. Fury becomes cranky when Peter mentions Carol Danvers' name and also refers to hidden Kree sleeper cells on Earth. We end up learning why in the aftermath sequence that reveals that Fury and Maria Hill are actually imitated by Carol's old friends, Skrull shifts Talos and Soren so that the real rage can pursue other goals in space.


The revelation that rage is in the outer space that cooperates with Skrulls could be a sign that MCU is building up against SWORD's debut. This SHIELD offshoot is tasked with protecting Earth from alien threats, a problem that has become much more urgent in the wake of the Avengers: Infinity War.

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Project TAHITI

We can't help but think of SHIELD's agents in the scene where the real rage is relaxing on a holographic beach. This is reminiscent of Agent Coulson's implanted memories of vacationing in Tahiti, reminiscent of being revived by Fury's pet program, Project TAHITI, after the events of the first Avengers movie. This may be the closest we will ever see to the MCU movies referring to the SHIELD & # 39; s events.

Fury's Body Double

Even the idea that Fury would rely on fraud and deception to make people believe he is a place he doesn't have a long story in the comics. In general, Fury is not dependent on Skrulls (as they tend to be much more vicious in the comics), but instead a series of android dopplers known as Life Model Decoys. LMD has played a major role in an earlier season of SHIELD agents.

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Naming Avengers

While far from home there are not many current MCU heroes, it recognizes the fallen dead from Infinity War and Endgame via Midtown High memorial video (though we know Cap is not actually dead). The film also contains name control of several protagonists, including Thor and Doctor Strange. There is even a literally name-check in the form of Pepper Potts who signed the oversized check Happy Donate to May's charity. And finally, Happy finds out how hard it is to be Captain America when he tries to throw a shield on one of Mysterio's drones.

May's New Job

Speaking of May's charity, there is a precedent in her comics taking a central role in a New York-based charity effort. Can even have worked on a homeless house called FEAST, at least until its founder Martin Li was revealed to be the crime master loses negatively. Later, May asked the Ben Parker Foundation, named for his late husband and funded by Peter's short possession as a wealthy industrial.

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Remembering Uncle Ben

Far from home, the MCU trend of sidetrack Peter's origins continues and only alas refers to the murder of Uncle Ben and the lesson on power and responsibility. However, there is a subtle knot for Ben in the movie. Peter's suitcase sports the initials "BFP" to Benjamin Franklin Parker.

Classic Rock References

Joy's choice of music on the plane to London is a clear callback to Tony's love of AC / DC in the Iron Man movies. Peter fails the band for Led Zeppelin is on fire for a teen hero who thinks of foreigners as "a really old movie" and also possibly a reference to Led Zeppelin, used for the soundtrack in Thor: Ragnarok.

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Peter's workshop

As much as Peter fights the idea of ​​becoming the next Tony Stark, a scene in the movie shows how much the two really are. Peter's shot hitting holographic controls and designing his new suit aboard the plane calls directly back to some of Tony's earliest efforts to tinker with the Iron Man armor.

Who will the new iron man be?

The Crimson Dynamo?

This may be a stretch, but we can't do without whether the Fury's transparent enforcement Dmitri is supposed to be the same person killing Crimson Dynamo's armor in the comics. This incarnation of Crimson Dynamo is less obviously villainous than most who have been involved with Iron Man, and currently serves as a member of Russia's Avengers-like team Winter Guard.

Classic Web-Slinging

The end of far from home welcomes the older, pre-MCU Spider-Man movies like Spidey and MJ floating through the Manhattan skyline. Twist this time is that MJ absolutely hates being taken together for the trip. This web-loop sequence also calls back to the PS4 game, where Peter uses the same Spider-selfie bag. 15 bad boys who could plague the MCU a next

tease the sequels

As Peter swings up to meet MJ near the end of the movie, an ad can be seen in the background reading "1 -> 2-> 3->? And we can't wait to show you what's coming next! " Although apparently an ad for a Manhattan construction project, this seems to be a clear eye and a nod from Marvel Studios to fans. Basically, it confirms that another Spider-Man sequel is on the way, while suggesting that Peter's MCU story will take an even bigger and more demanding trip after phase 3.

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