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EVE Online Players Taken Off-Guard By Surprise Alien Attack

Want to know how to stir things up for your players? Surprise them often! Which is what EVE Online did this week with a foreign invasion that hit all the guards. PC Gamer was the first to report on the surprise event and has kept pretty good tabs on what hell is going on as the whole game is now in chaos. This is the first for the long-standing MMO, as players are randomly attacked by NPC characters without provocation, as they tend to leave you alone for the most part if you don't attack them. It should not have been a surprise to the players considering the last expansion name called "Invasion" when it was released in May 2019, but it was completely unexpected.

credit // CCP Games

The specific NPC faction goes after all are Drifters, who basically make random attacks across New Eden and cause chaos in their wake. Many of the bases that players have relied on and called home for years must be constantly strengthened and ships are constantly looking for repairs in the game if caught in the firefighting. It seems that there is no single-player faction that is safe, as Drifters seems to attack everyone at once, and dev devs even hinted at the idea online that they would not stop until the whole card was in their control. So it may just be a guess here, but it seems that the only way to counteract the threat is for everyone to be banned together. But if you know anything about the story of EVE Online you know you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting everyone aboard that plane. So we can be on the verge of seeing this game take a completely different way forward.

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