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Epic CEO Tim Sweeney admits that App Store reduces 30% equivalent to consoles, would have accepted special deal with Apple

Apple’s legal battle with Epic Games continues, and during the second day of the trial, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney continued his testimony against Apple.

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Sweeney was grilled by Apple’s lawyers and made several points seemingly favorable to Apple. In addition to mentioning how he prefers Apple’s iPhone and values ​​Apple’s privacy policies, which he aims to phase out, Sweeney confirmed that Apple’s 30 percent cut is also the “most common rate” that other platforms charge.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all taking a 30 percent cut from Epic Games on their platforms and demanding that their in-app purchasing systems be used, but Sweeney said Epic is not challenging them because he believes in the idea of ​​”subsidized hardware”. , “though he also admitted that ‌iPhone‌ and iOS development are” very similar. “It’s also worth noting that Fortnite makes more money on console platforms than it does from iOS.

Sweeney confirmed that pEpic Games‌ has a history of bullying platform makers. PEpic Games‌ pushed Sony into allowing cross-platform gaming, but Sony eventually got the upper hand and demanded additional payment to enable cross-platform platforms unlike iOS, where cross-platform gaming is free and has been since Fortnite was launched in the App Store.

Apple pointed out pEpic Games‌’s use of Apple’s Metal API and shared correspondence, where Sweeney and Epic had previously praised Metal as proof that Epic benefits from Apple’s APIs and SDKs. From an epic internal email discussing an offer to Apple:

We have been using Metal on iOS with great effect since its release in 2014. A fast, agile, feature-rich API like Metal is exactly what we need to bring a game designed for modern consoles and desktops to the battery-powered ‌IPhone‌ and iPad. As a developer, it explodes OpenGL in every way.

As of 2015, Sweeney began trying to convince Apple to make ‌App Store‌ an open platform.

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Humorously, when he received Sweeney’s original email, Cook did not know who Sweeney was. “Is that the guy who was at one of our drills?” he asked Phil Schiller in a forwarded email.

Asked whether he would have accepted a special deal from Apple for a lower ‌App Store‌ commission, Sweeney said “Yes, I would”, which seems to weaken Epic’s argument that its decision to start a legal battle with Apple was made for the benefit of all developers.

At the end of today’s interrogation, Sweeney was asked what he would do if pEpic Games‌ lost the case. In response, he said Apple would be able to cut off Fortnite and remove “Epic Games” from the developer program for some reason. “We have to live with not supporting the iOS platform,” he said.

The legal battle between Apple and Epic will continue for three weeks, with Apple executives like Tim Cook ready to testify during the third week. We get ongoing coverage of Apple v. Epic as the case continues.

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