Yankees manager Aaron Boone at the acquisition of Edwin Encarnacion
Pete Caldera, Staff Writer, @pcaldera

CHICAGO – Aaron Boone's Sunday series had Clint Frazier as Yankees Cleanup Hitter.

And in just 48 hours, Frazier's status on the Yankees will be in doubt due to the influx of electric heaters to arrive in the Bronx.

Acquired late Saturday night in a Seattle deal, Edwin Encarnacion will be at Yankee Stadium on Monday.

Giancarlo Stanton is expected to be activated from the injured list on Tuesday and Aaron Judge should be ready before Yanks' 10 game homestand concludes.

"There are three elite power hitters plugged into our lineup," Boone said, whose new dilemma is how to balance playing time with so much Raw power in his possession.

Encarnacion's presence

Arriving from the west coast, Encarnacion will be available to play when the yanks open a three-game series Monday against Tampa Bay The rays with two clubs jockeying for first place.

Where does he fit into the Yankee scheme?

"He fits in well," Boone said. "Of course a big hitter has been for a long time."

Encarnacion becomes the primary designated hitter according to Boone, who still thinks there is some flexibility with the DH spot.

"He occasionally gets a day off (and we) can join him to the first base if you want to give Luke (Voit) one day," Boone said. "To get a guy of his caliber I think this is something we are excited about. "

Outfield alignment

Stanton returns as the regular left-wing who will influence Brett Gardner's playing time.

Boone had not yet spoken to Gardner about the new dynamics but he still expects Gardner to "play a lot." The left-wing veteran "is very important to this team in many ways and (he) continue to be and continue to play a major role for us. & # 39; & # 39;

Judge could return as Yanks & # 39; right-winger later in the week, completing the thundering recurring trio and further affecting the roaster – Frazier and Cameron Maybin. 19659021] In the coming weeks, Frazier can also win as a centerpiece for a major start trading, which is the club's greatest need to enter the second half.