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E3 2019: Marvel's Avengers Game has good concepts, but we still have questions

The upcoming Marvel & # 39; s Avengers game finally made its debut at the Square Enix E3 2019 press conference, and it's a pretty noticeable impression on fans looking forward to the superhero game. From Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, the new superhero hold-up game focuses heavily on movie action that can be played either solo or co-op. With Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow and Hulk, you can play as some of Marvel's most iconic heroes in a series of missions. Complete missions allow you to activate your chosen character and customize them with new equipment that you find appropriate. And after May 15, 2020, new missions and heroes will be added as free updates.

It's a really fascinating concept, but after the game's presentation at the press conference, the details of the title's larger structure and moments for-moment gameplay are still a little vague. During the E3 201

9 we saw Marvel's Avengers behind closed doors that focused on one of the game's early missions. As seen in the E3 2019 trailer, San Francisco is under attack on the opening day of the West Coast Avengers' headquarters, and the heroes take action to fight for Taskmaster and his minions, all of which carry weapons stolen from Tony Stark.

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This level is set shortly after the opening of the game and serves as some of an extended tutorial so you can get a feel for how each player plays and what their role can be in a team of other players. From this demo, Marvel's Avengers style, presentation and emphasis on separating each meeting with a set piece is clear that the game is cut from the same cloth as other AAA action-adventure games like the Uncharted series or the recent Tomb Raider restart trilogy – the latter also hell of Crystal Dynamics. The demo presented several highly scripted meetings, most of which are characterized by rapid time events that give each member of The Avengers their moment. There is a significant focus on the play superheroics, the type of elaborate gravitas and consequent mass security injuries that have become commonplace in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During an E3 interview with GameSpot, Crystal Amos studio Scot Scot declared that gambling is focused on offering a fun Avengers experience with each completely designed in a way that could lead their own game.

"We've made games focused on a character with Lara Croft, and now we made a game with like six characters (including Ant-Man)," Amos said. "So we figured we should make 12 and then 30 characters. It is wild for us to go back and say, here are all the things the other heroes can do on their own. That's when we started hiring people like Vince Napoli, who made war grass last year to lead the fight against the game How do we begin to draw people together who are experts in these things and say, "Now make this amazing"? With access to all these heroes that plays differently, you can play the way you want. "

This opening level puts quite a strong on acting, both in terms of nuclear and action-oriented sets of characters moving through the levels at a fast pace. The battle is basically similar to that of Batman: Arkham Asylum, allowing you to freely move and engage your surrounding enemies as you activate each hero's unique skills. Thor uses his hammer and lightning skills to pummel goons on the streets, for example. In addition to throwing his hammer Mjolnir – which he can call back after a strike – he can also summon massive beams of light on the enemies and even join his regular attacks with improved energy.

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After clearing the enemies on the street, the action changes to Iron Man, who is hunting for a set of airborne soldiers. In flight mode, Iron Man can freely move around, shoot off missiles and repulsorblasts. On Earth, he is much like the character's appearance in the MCU films, charges his hand blasts and uses them to speed up his melee strikes. Iron Man's super move is Uni-Beam, a powerful breast laser that can destroy vehicles and clear most enemies in front of him. Then the cave jumps into the sled. Sticking mainly with dense attacks, he can catch enemies, slam them into the ground and throw them aside with ease. One of Hulk's signature moves is his Sonic Clap, which dries out all enemies nearby. His part of the level ends with him picking up a tank, chucking aside his driver and throwing it in another vehicle.

The action skips to Captain America, fighting enemies in Avengers helicopters. Like the Hulk, Cap is a brawler and sticks mostly with close attacks. However, he can still use his shield to beat several enemies remotely. One of his unique abilities enables him to target specific enemies and send his screen to a strong blow, with his screen returning to him after it has hit its targets. The demo culminates in a confrontation between Taskmaster and Black Widow using a pair of batons and high-tech spy gadgets. The villain quickly adapts to Black Widow's tactics using his shield to block her long-distance attack.

All this sequence that sets out the greater story of how Avengers has been banned and why they should come together again a fun job of showing the well-known MCU spectacle. It felt very much like a sequence that could easily be presented as a big set in the Marvel films. But a growing question I had throughout this demo is what kind of game is this, exactly? One thing that is still a confusion point is Marvel's Avenger's overall structure, which apparently opens up co-op games when you go on multiple missions. After this linear demo, it's hard to see how it all comes together as a game-as-a-service title that contains the online co-op. During our speech, Crystal Dynamics stated that Marvel's Avengers follows a "tailor-made campaign" focusing on history and character-driven missions.

"Throughout our history, we've made third-party action adventures that are very intimate, personal stories," Amos said. "Some of this size, this massive game with all these heroes, it's a matter of not one of them, but all of them. When we first collaborated with Marvel Games and said," Hey, how will we do it ? are we good at? What are you good at? "They know about heroism and humanity, we know about third-party action adventures and character-driven stories. […] Switching between these heroes, it's even more fun. With these levels of the tailor-made campaign, we'll tell a very specific story here, It is still open for you to dive into your own pace. We would like to tell you a very specific story here. What about going beyond that? Once you have these heroes to play with, you can start mixing and matching. them in ways, online with your friends. "

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I like what this superhero build game is trying to accomplish, but it looks like it's retreading already covered by other games. It also doesn't help the heroes' style and design come out as something outdated and unflattering. In many ways, the new Avengers game gave me similar vibes from the PS3 / 360 era of licensed Marvel games, from design and visual point of view. I still enjoyed the play and the scale shown in the demo. Although this section focuses on a linear level, the whole game plans to have a series of missions that open up and can be taken in leisure time – and that's something I look forward to seeing.

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