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E3 2019: Luigi's Mansion 3 Preview

Confession: I never played a Luigi's Mansion game before. This is one of the reasons for having the opportunity to play Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019, was such a joy. It was a whole new experience. Given the setup of Nintendo's booth Luigi's Mansion 3 was definitely the game they wanted to show this year and it worked. Booth for Luigi's Mansion was the best thing Nintendo had to offer. This translates to the game itself. Of all the Nintendo games I played, I was most surprised by Luigi's Mansion 3 . Luigi always plays second enemy to Mario, but grows up, he was always the character I wanted to play as in Super Mario World . Make and see, he has his own franchise, and Luigi's Mansion has the potential to exceed Super Mario Odyssey . Perhaps not with regard to critical recognition, but definitely in terms of enjoyment.

Everyone knew that Link's Awakening and Pokemon Sword and Shield would be great, but Luigi's Mansion

Luigi & # 39 ; s Mansion 3 Preview: A Haunted Hotel

  Luigis Mansion 3 Preview

The starting point of our demo.

  In </em> </em> Nintendo's surprise game of the show became far. Luigi's Mansion 3 </em> you explore a haunted hotel full of ghosts, puzzles and killing forestry. The game is quasi-2D with a 3D perspective. The demo we played felt quite linear, but it is unknown whether this will be the case in the final building or as you progress through the game. Luigi is equipped with his practical flashlight, plungers and a vacuum. All three of these are relevant not only in combat, but also in puzzle solving. Many of the rooms we drove through felt very much like old school <em> Zelda </em> – the doors were closed closed until all the enemies were defeated. This was a breath of fresh air, like an old-fashioned <em> Zelda </em> player. There are so many different buttons to use during battle that it can get a little confusing, but we are sure that when you play the game more (we only had a 15 minute demonstration), the controls will become natural. </p>
<div id=  Luigis Mansion 3 Preview

Fighting has never been so sweet to ghosts.

The ghosts we encountered required a multi-layer approach. First, we had to flash them with our flashlight, which temporarily supports them. Then we had to use our vacuum to try to suck them up. However, they are struggling. Pull them back, and finally with the A button, enable you to slam them into the ground and defeat them. It may sound complicated on paper, but it is very fun in practice. Later you encounter ghosts with swords and shields. Sucking off their shield is primarily relevant. Then we followed the strategy we did with the original ghosts and had no problem. This is probably one of the simpler games in the game, but it was very fun.

Gooigi and Puzzle Solving

Meet Gooigi

Puzzle games are crucial in Luigi's Mansion 3 and Gooigi play a major role in this. Gooigi can reach places Luigi cannot, because he can pass through solid objects, such as bars or spikes on the ground. By pressing the right analog stick, you can call Gooigi to help you solve puzzles and switch back and forth between the two. It's an interesting twist on a mechanic that's been done many times before in video games, but Luigi's Mansion 3 manages to keep it fresh. Gooigi can also hurt so it is important to call him back to Luigi when you finish the task you have him in.

  Luigis Mansion 3 Preview

Another twist on puzzle solution .. [19659006] Throughout the demonstration, I wondered what Luig's plunger was for, as I couldn't seem to find a use in battle for them. They're actually a puzzle-solving mechanic! You can first put a stamp on a target and then use your vacuum to pull the plunger back to pull the handle / contacts / etc. It is actually pretty smart. I am a huge puzzle fanatic, and in a puzzle-solving perspective, the moment I figured out was the most rewarding moment I had in the demo. Luigi's Mansion 3 demo wasn't too hard, and most of them were puzzles, but when you reached the boss, all bets were off. It was pretty difficult, and I actually ended up dying, which ended up with my demo. Although the boss himself was a puzzle, so I imagine in a relaxed setting (ie not a rushed 15 minute demo), it would have gone much more smoothly.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Preview: Nintendos Holiday Title of 2019

While everyone can think Pokemon to be the Nintendo's great vacation title, it becomes Luigi's Mansion 3 which is likely to be released in December. It has one of Nintendo's flagship figurines, a charming premise, and will be one of the best puzzles to hit the Nintendo Switch. It has everything; action, exploration, puzzle solution and unique and difficult managers. Nintendo exhibited Luigi on the E3 and knocked it out of the park. It was more fun than Pokemon . While Link's Awakening is my most anticipated Nintendo title this year, Luigi's Mansion is my most anticipated original title this year. The game has all the classes of a classic and with the right marketing campaign will undoubtedly be a success.

Luigi can't be appreciated now, but coming Holiday 2019, it won't be the case anymore.

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