(CNN) – A 22-year-old California man allegedly claimed his truck on a busy pavement Street that hit 9 pedestrians before they hit one tree, police said.

Christopher Solis, Anaheim, was arrested early Sunday on suspicion of felony DUI, causing major body damage, according to a release from the Fullerton Police Department.

Officers replied at 1:48 am on a pedestrian report that had been hit by a red Toyota Tacoma in downtown Fullerton, police said. Hundreds of people were on the sidewalk, in nearby parking lots and outside restaurants and bars at that time.

When the police arrived, they found more people trapped under the vehicle, which smoke and had serious damage to its front end. Officers and some good Samaritans lifted the vehicle enough to free the captured pedestrians.

A total of 10 people were transported to local trauma centers with injuries ranging from moderate to life-threatening. The wounded were between 18 and 49 years old.

Three other vehicles on the street also had less to moderate injuries.

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