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Did Megan Rapinoe & # 39; Stomp & # 39; on a US flag after the World Cup?

In July 2019, some (mostly) right-wing observers criticized American women's football stars Megan Rapinoe and Allie Long for an incident where a US flag card was grounded as Long, Rapinoe, and others celebrated their 2- 0 World Cup Final victory over Holland.

Special opprobrium was reserved for Rapinoe, who has become the target of criticism from President Donald Trump and some of his supporters because of her public refusal to visit the White House if the US team was invited there as well as for her previous protests under the American national anthem (the latter a solidarity movement with the former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was the catalyst for national anthem protests against racist injustice and police brutality, which also took President Trump's ire).

In a very shared tweet on July 7, shortly after the last match took place, Jonathan Gilliam sent a short video clip of the episode and designated Rapinoe, claimi ng that she "stomped" on a US flag and engaged in "patriotic" behavior :

"You should be disturbed by this non-patriotic narcotic behavior. [Megan Rapinoe] is neither a hero nor a role model. I rewound and saw the whole party on the track. Rapinoe didn't want anything with a US flag before she stomped it. Repulsive . "

Other legal pages and commentators jumped into action. The True Pundit site claimed that the players had "thrown the flag to the ground and trampled it" and before it was news charged Rapinoe and far to "show their hatred to America" ​​by "stomping" the flag.

This is not what video of the event, however. The relevant 15 seconds of the footage can be seen below, but here is a summary of what it actually conquered.

In the moments that led to the incident, Long had celebrated the team's victory while being draped in the American flag, and she held the World Cup trophy with teammates Alex Morgan and Kelley O & # 39; Hara. Long was closest to the camera, Morgan was in the middle, and Hara was left:

Hara then went away and so far Long held the trophy to Rapinoe, Long still held the flag in his hand and got part of it to touch the ground:

(left) and Long (right) in a two-handed party dance, and Long allowed the flag to fall out of her hand and on the ground:

The video (below ) shows that Rapinoe's left dust card brushed against the flag and displaces it slightly (a movement that would not have occurred if Rapinoe actually "stomped" or the stamp on the flag, which is a deliberate up-and-down movement). But before the three players went further, Hara ran back to them when Lange picked up the flag and left it to Hara, who took it away from the frame:

According to our analysis of the footage, three seconds passed between Long's flag immediately to fall to the ground and retrieve it again and hand it over to Hara. The following clips show the whole incident and show that Rapinoe's left foot quickly brushed against the flag on the ground and moved it slightly, but that Rapinoe did not land the sole on her luggage on the flag and therefore did not "blunt" it:

In a row of joy and relief after winning a historic World Cup final (by beating the Netherlands, the United States became only the second team in the Women & # 39; s World Cup history to win back-to-back titles), Long & # 39; s Handling The flag was very short not in accordance with traditional flag label.

The US flag code says that as a matter of respect "the flag should never touch anything under it, such as the ground, floor, water, or goods." Although not explicitly prohibited, it can reasonably be assumed to be an expression of disrespect and the spirit of the codes, touching a flag that has already fallen to the ground with your footwear (as Rapinoe did).

The flag code is quite restrictive in several ways, for example, indicating that the American flag should never be used as a garment or being draped over a person if the latter is something numerous victorious American athletes have made for many years and which Emotional Rapinoe did herself after the woman's national team won gold at the Olympics in 2012. (Unlike the attacks on Rapino's patriotism, just days before the 2019 finals, she described herself in an interview as "very deeply American" and said, that the United States was a "great country", though one should "strive for better."):

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