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Destiny 2 Exploit locks shelves immediately to Bad Juju – Game Rant

For some players, the new Bad Juju quest in Destiny 2 is just a matter of dismissing much (and we mean a lot) of their materials and currency, but for others it is a huge sip. Whether you have been playing actively Destiny 2 actively during the last year, you will decide how fast you can get Bad Juju, but there is a quicker, smoother way to get the necessary tribute.

The latest Destiny 2 exploit will get the players all the necessary tribute they need for Bad Juju (18 Tributes) or even Bad Juju Catalyst (45 Tributes). Or you can even collect 50 total tributes and unlock the exotic emote, all without doing any activity.

First reported on Destiny 2 subreddit, this exploitation includes a few different steps, but essentially the game will be "counting" the original banner Tribute several times. It also needs at least two characters to function properly.

The first thing players will do is go to Nessus Barge and unlock the invitation from the caesarean line. This will unlock Tribute Hall and access the 4 daily Champion Bounties.

Pick up one of the daily Champion Bounties and finish it to unlock the first Tribute Hall Tribute, a raid banner that opens up the main area. Do not place the raid banner down. Instead, switch to another character.

On the second letter, visit Tribute Hall and place the raid banner at the entrance to the main area. Then go to the circuit. Then go back to Tribute Hall and place the raid banner again.

Although this does not unlock any of the actual Tributes in the hall, it counts as a tribute to the Invitation of the Emperor. At 18 Tributes placed, players will have access to the Bad Juju quest. However, this access is only available on the first character; This second is only used for exploitation. So watch out for how much tribute you have received before switching back to the main character.

Of course, that's not how Bungie intended Destiny 2 Tribute Hall to work, but it is worth highlighting the exploitation now that it is faster rather than later. For most players, however, this is a non-problem as they have already started working against Bad Juju or a discount on Tributes.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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