She became a worldwide phenomenon many years ago after following her "Cash me outside" at Dr. Phil and although she is still in her teens, Danielle Bregoli is an international superstar. She used her viral publicity to help shape her rap career and she performs for fans all over the globe. However, her brash, often uninhibited attitude, continues with her problems, which she recently experienced because of a tweet.

Bregoli, known professionally as Bhad Bhabie, was tweeted a message in Arabic. The rapper replied, "Why, yes, I like McDonald's fries. They taste good as sometimes. I appreciate you, Bich asks. Much love." Unknown to Bregoli was the person who tweeted her, a popular marathon runner who said the public should boycott the artist because he believed she was a supporter of Israel.

Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Promotional of her upcoming show in Jordan did not find humor in her response, so they canceled the July 8 event. TMZ caught up with Bregoli as she made her way through the Los Angeles International Airport and asked her if she would be more careful about what she tweets in the future. "No," she said. "I don't know why they were so sensitive to it. It was something about McDonald's. I don't even know what to say about it. They said something [and] I didn't understand it so I was just [joking back]. "

She also said that she has no problem performing in Jordan if she is asked to come back. "I go anywhere I make money," she said. "I'm not going to kiss ass myself." The cameraman asked her if she wanted to do in Russia, China or the West Bank – all controversial areas in the world – and Bregoli said yes. Now she did not admit to knowing where the West Bank was, but she said she would still do that.