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Comment: After almost a year of use, MagSafe is the defining feature of the iPhone 12

In recent years, there have been two “takes” I have taken on a quick assessment. They were that AirPods would not be a product hit and that MagSafe was a solution in search of a problem. I could not have been more wrong with them both. AirPods have become a massive hit, and MagSafe has become the key feature that I think we will remember from the iPhone 12 release cycle. Let’s dive into what has made MagSafe future of charging to Apple devices.

It solves a problem

Before MagSafe, I tried to get in wireless charging with Qi, but it seemed far more cumbersome than it was worth. I often woke up in the morning to find that my iPhone was not charged if I knocked on my bedside table with my pillow. When MagSafe is connected, when it is connected.

Lightning has served us well, but the gate need to go. I dream of a world where the iPhone is as waterproof as the Apple Watch, and I think we can get there when the port is gone and MagSafe is the only option.

MagSafe is a lot Apple thing. It took something existing and made it hugely better, just like they did with the MP3 player, tablets, smartwatches and smartphones.

It created new opportunities for accessories

Since I went all-in on MagSafe as the only way I charge my iPhone, I have upgraded all my accessories to MagSafe. Here are some of my favorites:

Snap-on batteries

Quick Charge MagSafe Power Pack Air MagSafe Laptop Battery for iPhone 12

I currently have two MagSafe batteries. I use the ChargeFast battery and the Anker MagSafe battery. I love using these when I travel because I do not have to worry about storing a cable. When I went to Disney World a few months ago, I kept both of these in my bag to make sure I had a full battery all day. Since I use the iPhone 12 mini, I could fit it and an external battery in my pocket.

Desktop dock

MagSafe is also the perfect desktop technology. I have used a good dock from Anker that keeps my iPhone supported during the day, so it is perfect to use the Okta iPhone app to approve for various web services at my job. The dock also has a place to drop my AirPods on them to also keep them charged. It is minimal and gets the job done. I love how easy it is to move on and jump right back. I do not have to worry about cutting anything or connecting a cable.

Car docks

I also loved having MagSafe in the car. As with my desk, it’s easy to hop on when I get in the car to get a charge, but take it fast when I arrive at my destination. I am currently using a MagSafe-compatible Air Vent bracket from ESR. It has USB-C on one side and USB-A on the other so you can charge while driving.

What’s next for MagSafe?

I would very much like Apple to build technology that enables data transfer over MagSafe so that when used in the car, you can connect to a wired CarPlay option. I often use the Camo app when I want a better webcam on my Mac, so I still prefer to use Magsafe while connected to my Mac.

I hope to see MagSafe integrated into planes, hotels and coffee shops in the future. I was not sold on it when Apple announced it, but it has become the only way I charge my iPhone over the last year.

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