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Coming out as gay is tough, coming out as HIV positive is nearly impossible – says leading Drag Queen as Pride 2019 enters its final week

Pride 2019 enters its final week this weekend, with parties and parades across the world celebrating the LGBTQ + community. ] Leading drag queen Rory O'Neill rank in the festivities in Ireland yesterday, waving through the streets of Dublin atop a rainbow colored bus.

But this year, as well as celebrate in style, Rory wants people to focus on the

The Irish activist, who uses the stage name Panti Bliss, was diagnosed with HIV in 1


Rory, who is considered Ireland's foremost drag queen, was 25 when he was was diagnosed with the chronic virus. ( 90Ten )

He told the standard why he believes it is time for people to speak about the virus, and for the crippling stigma around it to end.

"There is so much shame, so much ignorance still around HIV, "50-year-old star explained.

Dublin transformed into sea of ​​rainbows for pride parade

“I was diagnosed with over 25 years ago and I'm fit as a horse. People are realizing that you can live a long, fulfilling and normal life if you have the condition.

But it's not anymore, and people need to be able to say 'yes, I have it without being treated like outcasts.'

What is Pride?

Pride is an annual celebration of LGBTQ + people think in cities all about the world in June

This year's theme is "Jubilee", marking 50 years since the Stonewall Riots in New York, which served as a catalyst for LGBTQ + activism.

The month is packed with events including concerts, art exhibitions

This year's London parade will start at 12pm on July 6, leaving from Portland Place.

Attending the parade is free, but the grandstand offers the best view of the floats, with tickets costing £ 50.

HIV if left untreated damages cells in the immune system and weakens a person's ability to fight everyday infections and disease

But modern medicine has suffered from such an effective treatment of the condition that HIV positive people now have a normal life expectancy.

If the virus can be almost totally suppressed.

Yet the misconception of HIV as an irremediably, contagious disease persists, with at-risk people "too scared to get tested, because they are afraid of what the answer is going to be"

" Rory explained

“It's easily manageable and you'll be looked after and you'll find it.

"And secondly, beyond that, if you are on effective treatment the virus is so suppressed in the system that it is impossible for you to pass it on to anyone else.

" That's good to know because it stops the general public of being so afraid of people with HIV, but also if people are aware that they are more likely to be tested, and if they are positive get treated.

are on effective treatment, the closer we are to the condition entirely. ”

London patient second in world to be cleared of HIV

The gay rights' activist and public speaker never thought he'd reach his 50th birthday.

When the diagnosis was broken to him aged 25, Rory was told he had five years left to live.

A year later the first antiretroviral drugs hit the market.

"It was a full-time job, and a pretty rotten job at that," he said.

"But now, I'm on one pill a day, you have no page Infected blood victim recalls finding out he was HIV positive

Gilead, the past five years collaborating with biotech research firm Gilead.

The international company develops antiviral drugs, but also works to support people living with the chronic condition.

'My HIV, My Rules , My Journey 'is a campaign launched by Rory and Gilead to help people with HIV

FLIGHT HIV101 : My HIV, My Rules, My Journey

It offers support with physical and mental health, along with finances. 19659122] Their latest video campaign is set in a garage and stars the drag queen alongside a "famous" US musician, whose identity is yet to be revealed.

The series will be launched in July and will offer viewers a chance to learn more about the topic, in a lighthearted and "fun" way.

"We don't want this shadow of doom and gloom looming over the topic. We want people to know its OK, everything's going to be OK and they don't need to feel ashamed. ”

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