Sesame Street sends out a PSA from Elmo̵

7;s father, Louie, to remind parents to take time off during quarantine.

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“Sesame Street” and CNN teamed up to bring children (and adults) a different type of Saturday morning cartoon – a town hall with Elmo and friends to tackle racism.

CNN commentator Van Jones and anchor and national correspondent Erica Hill moderated a family-friendly 60-minute special entitled “Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism.” The episode aimed to explain racism and why people are protesting in the midst of George Floyd’s death nationwide.

The special started with footage of protesters sang “Black Lives Matter,” and then cheated on Elmo and asked, “What’s going on? Why are all these people together? … Are the protesters sad? … Racism? What is it?”

But Elmo wasn’t the only one with questions. City Hall also answered questions from children and families around the United States.

“Nana protested in the 1960s. Why do we have to do this again and again?” asked 8-year-old Xavier.

“How can we stop racism when the civil rights movement was a long time ago and we are still being treated unfairly?” asked 7-year-old Solomon.

“How can I help with racism and stay safe?” asked 6-year-old Saige.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Dr. Jennifer Harvey, a professor of religion at Drake University in Iowa, Sesame Street Gordon and Maria met with others to answer these difficult questions.

And social media was here for that.

Many people praised CNN and “Sesame Street” for coming together and presenting such a powerful moment.

“Content that we all need and deserve right now,” tweeted @AlexMPinedaTV.

“Thank you @sesamestreet & @CNN for an informative conversation this morning. My 3 year old and 5 year old appreciated it,” wrote @GingerellaOShea.

Although “Sesame Street” is typically aimed at the kids, people thought a lot of adults would also benefit from watching.

“I know some adults who need to see @ CNN City Hall with Sesame Street,” he wrote @ StephWisd0m.

“A lot of adults (including kids) should see this #CNNSesame Street Town Hall for Kids & Families, and it shows,” tweeted @ Igotthatfire247.

Others thought it was telling that a children’s show explained racism better than most adults.

“What does it say about our community when googly-eyed puppets are out here discussing systemic racism more eloquently than most politicians and journalists can?” wrote @the_ns.

A user, @nvyoung, tweeted: “It’s just so sad and weird that people from Sesame Street have to teach kids and adults why racism sucks and is so terrible. Glad people from @cnn are making this Sesame Street special, why Black Lives matter. “

This is the second city hall CNN has had with “Sesame Street” to tackle pressing problems nationwide. The first City Hall in April dealt with the coronavirus pandemic.

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