It took an insanely long time before this happened, but Google’s cloud game service is finally being made available to the Android TV platform. In preparation for this, Chromecast with Google TV gets a new update that introduces support for Stadia among other improvements.

The QTS1.210311.08 update weighs around 84 MB and is already running widely. Although it adds support for Stadia, the app is still not available for installation from the Play Store. If Google sticks to its timeline, it̵

7;s unlikely to be available until June 23rd.

What’s more, Google has made some improvements to the annoying Bluetooth latency over headphones or speakers. If you are facing an issue with advanced video settings that are reset after restarting the device, it should also be fixed by the update.

Google does not spell it, but it has fixed some more bugs and improved performance. However, it did not introduce any new security update – the device is still stuck in April. Updates to Chromecast are pushed and installed automatically, so no action is required on your end to get the latest.