Security has often been one of Krom's sales points, thanks to the extensive database of potentially malicious websites that Google Safe Browsing has. You've probably confronted a misleading page alarm at least once when trying to download illegal content watch pony videos, thanks to the browser's built-in ability to detect potentially dangerous pages. Back in January, we reported that Chrome would extend its warning system to let you know when you access a misleading URL like instead of . The new feature now rolls out to all users starting today with an extension that allows you to report sites that are deliberately trying to confuse people.

The new warning will automatically alert users when they access a misleading URL and invite them to go back to security by suggesting the actual site they are trying to visit as shown above. To do so, Chrome analyzes the URL and looks for special characters that look like letters. It also compares the page with your browser history to assess whether the site is trying to confuse you with a URL that looks like one of your frequently visited sites.

Along with this new security feature, Google introduces the suspicious site reporter extension that lets you report distrust pages to Google Safe Browsing. In the past, the function will typically depend on an automatic evaluation of a page to determine whether it can be dangerous. Now, every user will be able to act as a whistleblower and add potentially harmful pages to the database. Of course, these will be handled by Google, but the extension already analyzes why the site might be suspicious and contains some additional details for further investigation.

Fraudulent URL alert is automatically available in Chrome, but you have to manually install the suspicious site reporter extension if you want to help other users. You must be able to access both features starting today on Chrome for the desktop, but Google has not yet shared any mobile availability information.

New Chrome protections from deception

Emily Schechter, Chrome Product Manager

Chrome was built with certainty in mind from the beginning. Today, we are launching two new features to protect users from misleading websites. The suspicious site reporter extension will improve the security of Chrome users by providing users with an easy way to report suspicious sites to Google Safe Browsing. We also launch a new warning to protect users from websites with misleading URLs.

We designed Chrome to be safe as standard and easy to use by everyone. Google Safe Browsing has helped protect Chrome users from phishing attacks for over 10 years and now helps protect more than 4 billion units every day across multiple browsers and apps by showing warnings to people before they visit dangerous sites or downloading dangerous files. We continually improve Safe Browsing, and now you can help.

Safe Browsing works by automatically analyzing the websites we know about through Google Search's crawlers and creating lists of sites that are dangerous or misleading. With Suspicious Site Reporter, you can help Safe Browsing protect web users by reporting suspicious sites. You can install the extension to start seeing an icon when you are on a potentially suspicious site, and more information on why the site may be suspected. By clicking on the icon you can now report unsafe websites for Safe Browsing for further evaluation. If the site is added to Safe Browsing lists, you not only protect Chrome users, but users of other browsers and across the web. One way that misleading websites might be trying to trick you is by using a confusing URL. For example, it is easy to confuse "" with "". In Chrome 75, we are launching a new warning to guide users away from sites that have confusing URLs. This new warning works by comparing the URL of the page you're currently on to the URLs of recently visited pages. If the URL is similar and may cause you to be confused or deceived, we will display a warning to help you get back to security.

We believe you do not need to be a security expert to be safe on the internet and that many Chrome Power users share our mission to make the Internet safer for everyone. We continue to improve Chrome Security to make Chrome easy to use, and look forward to working with the community to further this goal. Install the new extension and start helping protect web users!