Hip-hop is the biggest genre in the world right now, so it comes as no surprise that some of the biggest companies are seeking more attention by getting rappers in their ad campaigns. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, more and more companies have joined teasers for their Super Bowl ad. Last week, Doritos shared a cut of their announcement of the Super Bowl with the Chance Rapper and the Backstreet Boys. Now they have come through with another clip to create the expectation.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

The Backstreet Boys continues with their son Chance Rapper in their Dorito's Super Bowl ad. In an attempt to become the sixth member of the group, Chicago rapper is trying to perform some of the group's choreography for their hit single, "I Want It That Way," but his skills are not up to each other.

"Awful, guy," says AJ McLean. Chance answer: "I think it's the pants."

"No excuses," says Brian Littrell Chance, before he starts the bite from the top.

Last week's clips showed that the group together before Chance falls unhappy into the group's photo op as the sixth member.

Apart from the Chance Rapper, other rappers who are expected to appear in Super Bowl commercials are 2 Chainz and Cardi B. Chainz & # 39; commercial with Adam Scott for Expensify appeared earlier today while Cardi B is set to to be shown in Pepsi's commercial.