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Asteroid Apophis could still hit Earth in 2068, new measurements suggest

The artist’s depiction of a near-earth object.Picture: NASA / JPL-Caltech Only a small handful of objects are known to pose a serious threat to Earth, and the giant asteroid Apophis is one of them. Scientists are now assessing its potential to hit our planet in 48 years due to improved observations of the problematic asteroid. Observations made earlier this year …

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NASA, European Space Agency to collaborate on Artemis Gateway lunar position

As NASA seeks to return humans to the moon’s surface through its Artemis program, the space agency is adding international partnerships to facilitate sustainable exploration of the moon – while demonstrating that a human mission to Mars is possible in the future. A cooperation agreement was concluded between NASA and the European Space Agency on Tuesday, and the two agencies …

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Geologists are simulating soil conditions to help grow plants on Mars

A rendering of a house next to a greenhouse on Mars Credit: NASA Mankind’s next giant step may be on Mars. But before these missions can begin, scientists must make a number of breakthrough advances, including learning to grow crops on the red planet. Practically, astronauts cannot pull an endless supply of topsoil through space. So geologists from the University …

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Galaxies in the infant universe were surprisingly mature

Artist illustration of a dusty, rotating distant galaxy Credit: B. Saxton NRAO / AUI / NSF, ESO, NASA / STScI; NAOJ / Subaru Massive galaxies were already much more mature in the early universe than previously expected. This was demonstrated by an international team of astronomers studying 118 distant galaxies with the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Array (ALMA). Most …

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Sharks wash up on beaches, stung by swordfish

The first victim washed up in September 2016. Police in Valencia, Spain, saw a blue shark die in the surf along a small stretch of beach. They dragged the eight-foot corpse out to the garden behind the police station. They then called Jaime Penadés-Suay, who soon suspected illegal gambling. The shark had what looked like a little wood embedded in …

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In the hunt for Planet Nine, astronomers are looking at a new search technique for the elusive world

Finder Planet Nine may require looking at telescopic images in a different light. Astronomers proclaim a “shifting and stacking” technique that could help the hunt for the supposed world, as some scientists believe lurking undetected in the outer systemfar beyond Pluto’s orbit. The strategy involves shifting space telescope images along sets of possible orbital paths and then stacking photos together …

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