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How do children find out what words mean? New computer model has answers

Researchers are constantly discovering more about how we collect languages ​​from the earliest ages, and a new study looks specifically at how very young children integrate different sources of information to learn new words. These sources can be anything from whether they have seen an object before (indicating whether it has a name they have heard before) or not, to …

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover takes the first autonomous ride around Mars

NASA’s endurance rover has taken its first autonomous drive on the red planet. The rover’s improved AutoNav technology lets it take responsibility for its adventures. Endurance “thinks while driving” when its wheels turn, the agency said. Loading Something’s going on. NASA’s Perseverance rover has taken its first autonomous drive using a recently improved auto-navigation system, AutoNav, according to the agency. …

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Dragon Man may be Homo sapien’s closest relative

In 1933, bridge builders in Harbin, a city in northeastern China, discovered a large and almost intact skull. The skull was brought to paleoanthropologists in 2018, and after many studies, researchers announced in late June 2021 that the skull belonged to a man who lived about 146,000 years ago. This skull represents a new human species, the researchers said. They …

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Hot Dinosaur Summer – The New York Times

Dinosaurs that ruled the planet for about 170 million years and were one of the most successful animals ever, may have been in a decline of 10 million years at the time of their apocalypse, according to research published this week. A study in the journal Nature Communications claims that the number of extinctions increased and the evolution of new …

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City of David and the teeth of sharks mystery

PICTURE: Fossilized Squalicorax tooth no. # 07815 from the Jerusalem website. view more Credit: Omri Lernau Researchers have found an inexplicable cache of fossil shark teeth in an area where there should be none – at a 2900-year-old site in the City of David in Jerusalem. This is at least 80 km from where these fossils are expected to be …

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Physicists say they have proven a larger theory of black hole, proposed by Stephen Hawking

A group of scientists announced this week that they had confirmed a theory proposed many years ago by prominent physicist Stephen Hawking about the physical properties of black holes. The American-based physicists in the journal Physical Review Letters said they had discovered “observational confirmation of Hawking’s black hole theorem.” This theorem, first proposed by Hawking five decades ago in 1971, …

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