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A primary suspicion of dark matter may be escaping from neutron stars

The Messier 83 galaxy is filled with neutron stars.Image: NASA / Chandra X-ray Observatory (Fair use) After actions were first theorized by physicists in the suburbs of Chicago 45 years ago, they quickly became a robust candidate to explain dark fabric. All this time, however, the ultra-small particles have remained hypothetical. Now, a team of astrophysicists has suggested that actions …

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Watch NASA’s massive SLS lunar rocket launch (and close early)

The latest SLS Green Run tests take place at NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. NASA One of NASA’s main goal for 2021 is launching Artemis I, an unmanned lunar mission that should show that the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System rocket can safely send humans to our neighbor to the moon. But first, NASA made some noise …

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RNA binds itself in knots and then loosens in fascinating video

Striking new videos show how RNA – the genetic molecule that tells cells how to build proteins – is entangled in insane nodules when formed, only to differ at the last second and in a way that surprised scientists. The high-resolution videos depict a bouncing conga line of nucleotides, the building blocks for RNA; as the single strand of RNA …

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With COVID variant: Back to the bubble? Press Pause? Doctors weigh in

As a professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Adam Kucharski has been far too busy in recent weeks to see much Premier League action. “Unfortunately, I worked,” he says. Then again, as a football fan in England, he has not been able to escape the drama that surrounds his favorite game. Earlier …

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Researchers are finding out why some people can ‘hear’ the voices of the dead

Researchers have identified the features that can make a person more likely to claim to hear the voices of the dead. According to new research, a predisposition for high levels of absorption in tasks, unusual auditory experiences in childhood and a high susceptibility to auditory hallucinations appear stronger in self-described clairaudient media than the general population. The findings may help …

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Now dead radio telescope finds a bizarre poisonous spider star

Astronomers have discovered black widows and redbacks in space. While these cosmic objects do not kill and eat their comrades, the stars share the violent behavior of their eight-legged counterparts toward companions. In addition to the running spider stars, the researchers also discovered a bizarre black widow redback cross. The scientists used the now destroyed Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico …

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