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Bush: ‘Anglo-Saxon’ ideals show pro-Trump Republicans ‘want to be extinct’ | George Bush

Ahead of a special election Saturday to replace a Texas congressman who died after signing a contract with Covid-19, former President George W Bush said Donald Trump supporters believe Republicans “want to be extinct.”

The by-election is in the sixth district, whose Republican representative, Ron Wright, died in February. 23 candidates will compete: all but one of the 1

1 Republicans are tied to Trump’s apron, the former president who still dominates the party.

One candidate, former wrestler Dan Rodimer, promises to “make America Texas again” and has said “commissions in DC are destroying America”.

Trump has approved another – Susan Wright, the former congresswoman’s widow, as the former president said Saturday “will be strong at the border, crime, pro-life, our brave military and vets, and will always protect your second amendment”.

The one Republican who did not express allegiance to Trump, former Marine Michael Wood, told CNN he was “afraid of the country’s future” given his party’s compliance with Trump’s lie that the election was stolen, its reluctance to condemn those who revolt against the Capitol on January 6 in support of the lie and the existence of conspiracy theories like QAnon.

“I felt I had to get up,” Wood said. “Someone needed to stand up and say this is not what the Republican Party should be.”

Nevertheless, it is. In a CNN poll released Friday, 70% of Republicans said Biden did not legally win enough votes to be named president. Biden won more than 7 million more votes than Trump and took the Electoral College 306-232, the same score that Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Bush is promoting a new book, a collection of portraits and stories about immigrants. In an interview released Friday by Dispatch, an anti-Trump conservative podcast, he was asked about the latest moves by pro-Trump extremists to form a congressional hearing promoting “Anglo-Saxon traditions.”

“To me, it basically says we want to be extinct,” he said.

If such trends continued, Bush said, in three to five years, “there will be no party. I mean, I read about it, and I say to myself, ‘Wow, these people need to read my book.’ And I mean, it’s like saying, when I ran for governor of Texas, you never get any Latino votes because you’re a Republican. And I said you’m watching. And I worked hard.

“And the most important thing was to let them know that I could hear their voice. I mean, democracy is great in that sense. And the idea of ​​saying you can only be a Republican ‘if’, so the ultimate extension of that is that it ends up being a person party.

Asked if he agreed with “more than 50%” of Republicans who believe the election was stolen, Bush said:No. I think I’m one of the other 50%.

“By the way, I’m still a Republican, proud to be a Republican. I think Republicans are getting another chance to govern because I think the Biden administration is a cohesive factor and especially on the tax side of things. So you know we’ll see. But I know this – that if the Republican Party stands for exclusivity, you know, it was former clubs, now it’s obviously white Anglo – Saxon Protestantism, then it will not win anything. ”

Wood, the anti-Trump Texas Republican, said he voted for Trump in 2020. But he also said he thought, “the party is going to where I am eventually. I want it to happen without having to lose and lose and lose. Political parties sometimes get only the message they need to try something else after a series of losses. I think we should do it now as opposed to doing it when we lose midway or lose another presidential election. ”

The sixth district of Texas is tending toward Democrats in the recent election, but it is unlikely to turn around.

Earlier this week, Trump told Fox Business that he “100% thought about running” in 2024.

Rodimer, the former wrestler who is among the largest fundraisers in the field in Texas, told CNN: “President Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party. I do not think he will go anywhere ever. I hope not. If he runs again, I get fired up, I get excited. ”

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