Police believe this woman is responsible for licking a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and then putting it back on store shelves. (Photo: Courtesy of the Lufkin Police Department)

Texas police believe they have identified the woman from a viral video that showed she licked a half-gallon bath of Blue Bell ice cream and then put it back in a freezer drawer.

The Lufkin Police Department was contacted on Wednesday by Blue Bell Creameries after the Texas-based company "instructed all its division managers to see if they could identify the store location" where the incident occurred, Police Department said via Facebook.

A division manager decided that the video was shot at a Walmart in Lufkin because of "store's unique merchandising that matched the video," police said.

In a statement sent to the United States today, Lufkin Police wrote: "Tampering with a consumer product is another criminality and carries a 2-20 year penalty area. The department is consulting the FDA and federal charges may also be awaiting." 19659007] While Blue Bell believes it picked up the ice cream smell of the woman, the company has removed all the half-lengths of "Tin Roof" from Walmart, police said.

Uck! Viral video shows woman licking a bathtub of Blue Bell ice … and then putting it back in the fridge

"We are horrible that someone would do this. We take it incredibly seriously and we Lufkin Director of Public Security Gerald Williamson said in a statement that labeling the video as "disruptive."

The video that was posted to Twitter on June 29 has become seen more than 11 million times. The Lufkin police obtained surveillance video showing a woman matching the description of the woman in the video leaving Lufkin Walmart at 11 am on June 28.

Police have not released the woman's name with reference to an ongoing investigation.

"The security of our ice cream is our top priority and we work hard to maintain our customers' highest confidence," said Blue Bell in a statement on the United States today. "Food manipulation is not a joke, and we do not tolerate manipulating our products. We are grateful to the customers who warned us and provided us with information."

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