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Behind the scenes of Riot’s 2020 League of Legends World Championship

2020 League of legends The World Cup was to be the largest and expansive event that Riot had ever held. It was to be a true 10-year anniversary of the ultimate tournament in the world’s most popular esports. But this is 2020, which means that things often do not go as we plan them.

For Riot, it meant hosting almost the entire Worlds 2020 event in a single spot with no fans in the studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So the Riot production crew teamed up with its creative partners in the production company Possible to bring League of legends universe to Shanghai for worlds. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Riot̵

7;s executive producer for Worlds 2020, Nick Troop, and possible co-founder and creative director Michael Figge revealed how the team pulled together to bring the two worlds together.

Figge explained in the video that even though the production could not travel around China as it normally does for worlds, Riot would still want each phase of the World Cup to feel unique to the fans who watched at home. To remove this, the team brought in some of the most advanced LED screens in the world and used the same Unreal Engine-driven technology used to film Mandalorianen to create an immersive stage setup that changed themes completely depending on what stage of the tournament they were at, with each theme based on one of League‘s elemental dragons in the game.

Riot's Worlds 2020 phase during the opening ceremony of one of the scenes

Riot’s mixed reality in full effect for the opening of the Ocean Dragon scene in Worlds 2020
Photo: Riot Games

“Ultimately, given the very factual reality that worlds should be rooted in Shanghai this year, [we wanted to] try to take the audience to other places in connection with the event, we would continue to reinvent the place that both the pro players and our audience knew the event was taking place, ”Troop Polygon said in a recent interview.

During the video, Troop and Figge provide lots of interesting information about the impressive technology that drives the stage’s many LED screens. And while the screenshots that make up the scene show ridiculously high-resolution 32K video of the environment live, there is also a whole 360-degree background with mixed reality outside of LED screens added to stream viewers.

The mixed reality show of the scene in League of Legends Worlds 2020

The studio without and with mixed reality background.
Photo: Riot Games

Troop said Riot and Possible wanted to create something “that was not just on a soundstage, but that was an expression of the city. That’s why you see this kind of iconic buildings in every version of the set. We know we’re always in Shanghai, so there’s a sense of place, but it’s always different. ”

By covering the studio in a 360-degree skyline and letting the cameras move where they want, the Riot and Possible gives the area a sense of 3D space and makes the studio a place that feels right. And while no background environment can completely replace thousands of screaming fans, Riot and Possible’s impressive touch in mixed reality for Worlds 2020 is definitely coming close.

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